Dare was a WHO in Da WHAT Tent on Broadway?

I wouldn’t normally whine, bitch or complain about whatever it is that I’m set to mockingly bitch about.

This is , in large part, due to the anger I’ve harbored against the UN strategy of tearing our nationality to pieces, by pitting the two major bands of brothers who built this country, shed blood for this country and were forced into servitude for this country-the poor white man and black one-against each other.


In a most punk assed way.

By stirring up the Civil War/Slavery issue, while failing to mention beaten and forced white families who were also slaves (NOT just as indentured servants) and affluent black families who could be just as cruel and just as vile to their own (same complexioned) labor.

By stirring up and encouraging discordant noise amongst my brown children for the sake of unsettling my white ones. 

By committing the worst sacrilege against the healing of our country, when both sides AGREED to it and NEEDED it…by tearing down statues that should have NEVER been touched.

Not when that Union monster Sherman still sits astride his own hunk of rock..in all of his black folk murdering glory.

We’ve been manipulated into losing our heads over the most trivial matters and perverted exaggerations.

Issues which no sane adult should have had fits over, but due to a purposeful arrested development and heavy media conditioning..we’re far from where we were headed as far as racial reconciliation goes.


With that said, I will ring a sarcastic alarm over the sort of incendiary bullshit our enemies are forcing us to participate in.

If all were equal and “just so” according to their belittling fist pounding words and actions..they should, by all accounts, be tearing down old establishments or setting  up huge granite disclaimers (like their stupid cartoon disclaimers) all along Broadway.


Well, the last time I checked the UN temperature, I was pretty sure that if the words “black” and “face” even ever crossed the lips of any human being….that human being was due for a public online lynching or something along that line. Minstrel shows? Forget it. As if this world wasn’t feeling stupid enough, they carry disclaimers for those representations in modern shows as well.

Broadway was sprinkled with minstrel shows in the 1800s. Plantation scenes, if you prefer specifics.

I mean, if a sweet old ladies sewing circle in Tennessee just happened to want to reenact this old 1850s Broadway darling “Dares a Nigger in De Tent”..

My stars! Hell would break out and trend on the news 24/7 for weeks on end.

The fact that it was presented in New York City (The warm snuggly wuggly apple of the UN Eye) on Broadway, shouldn’t matter, right?

I mean I’m sure they have enough fake outrage left over from other matters to spread a bit further as needed to at least present a “proper face.” (like the “mandatory vaccination” presentation)

Wrong. We know no such hullabaloo is going to go down. The fact it’s been instigated to happen in this country at all should be considered a head hanging shame.

It is, however, worth noting as another remarkable crack in our tormentors’ facade. Their undeniable history. The fact they have erased nearly all of their histories in the truer story of our nation.

More importantly, it’s worth remembering, and a comfort to know, that the records they kept (inc. those articles boasted about, bragged within, teased “secretly” in) and the proofs which exist, are far too numerous and spread too wide for any generation to miss.

It’s also a gift to help tampen blows from their modern fire-starting nonsense.

Nonsense that has us tearing one another’s hair out or screaming across mobs at one another over monuments being destroyed , along with the pain of old wounds being  ripped open.

Nonsense that has us talking about race like a bunch of hysterical and nervous old fish wives and dense children…yet dressed to the nines in three-piece suits and in “high positions” of “respect”.

Nonsense that has caused tremendous pain…amongst, now, three generations of youth who were assured that “THEY” were the ones who “kicked racism into the dark ages” but end up shocked and abused with kicks to the “bigoted teeth”..which neither generation ever had in their beautiful and misled mouths.

If they want to keep flinging Molotov cocktails of “racist buggery” at us..accepting a return fling of occasional snide truth is the very least of their obligations within this Universe-microscopic least.

Clips are from a personal collection.

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