One of Many Checkmates Waiting for the UN: Race Relations

One example of how stupid they believe we are can be seen with the help of this 1977 ad.

The NAACP had been in disguise and performing charitable gestures and forcing legislative acts for colored people for over 68 years by 1977.

Frame after dramatic frame, on top of some long winding dramatic beats, even I as an 8-year-old at that time, would have sat up to take notice of this “oh so important!” entity that was supposedly working so very hard “for us.”

Obviously, at 2020, the 68 years ballooned into plenty more.


Considering it was the groups and individuals running the UN which created and sponsored NAACP..

And considering that affirmative action along with ALL kinds of social and legal upturning moves were flooding in from all corners, from the UN noble court..

For them to even DARE suggest that our country now, is anywhere NEAR as “bigoted” as they pretend it is, to inflame our passions and anxieties..

For them to force themselves upon us as alleged “warriors” for “saving the black person” , sailing in on the scaly wings of their horde of corporations, to unsettle and terrorize all of us through a bogus “BLM” movement and open intimidation of whites in general..

CLEARLY means that either an entire century of UN intrusion, bullying and usurpation concerning “race issues” was a complete and utter sack of worthless, money and time wasting cow dung..

Or that the UN’s current intrusion, bullying and usurpation concerning our “race problem” is a giant sack of the same-leaving the assumption that the UN did do a good enough job after all.

It plays out like so:

The UN had control over 100 percent of straightening out race problems…AND yet, the UN has to “gallop to the rescue” because whomever was in charge …was too bigoted and a bunch of scum sucking charlatans who lied about everything that was accomplished and forced into legislation, socially changed and the rest.

Except (this is where their smug assuredness of our mass “retardation” comes into play)..that would mean that the “whomever” would also be the..(der).. UN itself.

They run circles around you, take advantage of your lack of knowing true history and have twisted, bullied and perverted the message of what “we need” with a steel fisted and relentless obligation, borne only from what they want us to need. What they need us to think. And how much they need to “prove” that all of their organizations are spawned by us or ended up for our benefit. So they can extinguish, divert and destroy mass amounts of humans beings and babies, while remaining hidden behind every skirt they can the “real men” they are.

They either did such a garbage job keeping the issues of race broken, over 80 years of complete control, that they need to relinquish their stronghold-since the ends resulted in increased division and fear…

Or they need to relinquish control because they are caught bald faced lying and are obviously keeping an open wound open for the purpose of instigating worse problems.

If the UN were a single individual, it’s the type of juvenile double-dealing game playing that would rightfully earn them a severe thrashing all the way up to and straight out of the village gates.

It’s only a fool who would celebrate the work of the very same fire department that set the devastating fires in the first place.

They feel free to treat you like fools…but it doesn’t mean that you’re obliged to play into this insult, with this single (amongst plenty of others)  long running deception.

They are united through shared lunatic objectives, which get passed onto the newer generations, taking continual advantage of the dying out of generations and the memories along with them.

Thus, their sloppy and careless assaults/insults. Their bullying. Their overstepping boundaries and using our young, poorly educated and mentally compromised citizens as cover.

Their smug confidence is so strong, and so raw with disrespect for our intelligence (which they purposefully molested), that they fail to realize that it’s by oceans of work done by their own hands, that we’re able to realize exactly who they have been, who they are and what long running damage they inflicted upon us.

Thus, our up and coming liberation..once and for all.  

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