Ya Ya Pat. We Know, 2025 Right?

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts Trump win, then chaos, then the end of the world

He’s one of the elder states irritants from the 2000 year long hemorrhoid (courtesy of Judeo-Christianity’s “Baal and The Gang”) that mankind’s had to suffer with.

While I don’t give two peeps about his other “failed prophecies”, one shouldn’t be too shocked if there is actually an earth devastating matter around that “mysteriously awaited” time of 2025.

I will consider this a lite fourth piece of evidence where United Nations allies, over the course of fifty years, all mentioned 2025 as the end point goal of having only 1 to 2 billion of us left.

Not that surviving in this post apocalyptical mess of a world….

( where a good chunk of us remaining will continue to pack peanuts in our heads instead of smarts, with no loved ones around , in “God’s loving arms” with the Vatican flinging their witchcraft signs at us and in a concentration camp somewhere under “U.N. RED CROSS” custody) ..

…would be at all desirable.

So, another time check for 2025.

Although I doubt it’ll be any natural missile (unless our Creator has a special and necessary surprise in store).

Given the “proof” they showcased for us on 2001 and Covid..I sense it’ll be a massive nuclear discharge to clear out the rest of their obligated quota..and then they’ll stage an animated “Punch and Judy” sort of re-enactment to convince us that an asteroid “Really, really, REALLY did hit us. Awww”

Now…THAT’s a prediction.

My favorite part of this macabre “vision”, the one that tickles my tummy?

When they ARE left with a majority of only themselves and their prized pets to continue paving their way to whatever “glory” they stayed hard 700 years over….only to end up never having a single night’s rest because they will KNOW that if their miserable, lying, backstabbing and murdering “besties” did what they did to an entire of world of children..then (cue the wide wide grin please)..there won’t be a single generation gone by where they won’t be scared to death for the time they are next. As they most certainly will be. If not them personally, then like us in America, they’ll just lay in wait until they’re all old and dead before tearing into their grandchildren.

Because a world stripped clean of what they’ve already taken..on top of variety, joy, laughter, affection and hundreds of other traits that they’ve never had for themselves (through the centuries from when we “animals” did everything for them..from building their mausoleums and fighting their battles to wiping the fancier one’s asses) ..is going to end up with only one outcome.


And so..the reduction and scheming shall begin anew with whomever isn’t at the pinpoint tops of their grotesque dynastic fantasies.

You know, like a nasty whore who marries the guy who cheated on his loyal wife of 40 years with?

She always gets it in the exact same end as well. (Shrug).

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