Another Painful Reminder that Media Needs to be Abandoned

It is unbearable.

The sarcasm and open taunting through Media.

These are clips that spanned the first thirty minutes of this film (Israeli film “Policeman”).

Clearly, his role as nurturer, father, strong man and son are shown.

His masculine male self-the very type of man that our males have been beaten over the head for trying to maintain..and chemically brutalized from becoming.

Without it being pulled, criticized or condemned by a Media which has made sure this image of a man does not appear anywhere-certainly not with four demonstrations in a row within 30 minutes.

A Media that spits out, from between its lying teeth , all kinds of reasons why it can not or “must not” portray our males in even halfway decent lights..anywhere; if it was challenged in the first place.

With a bodyguard brigade of celebrities and other boot licking traitors..Media will NEVER be challenged. Not after the decades of damage they have done and most certainly not in the increased humiliations they plan for the future.

Never once has a young American  girl seen the role of (what should have been) her healthy sexual and spiritual male companion in a good light. A decent light. As a human female who was entitled to her Creator’s gift of a protector, lover and companion. Unless he was homosexual. Of course.

Never once, without some snide insult, has any young American boy seen the promise of who he could be or is expected to be.

He’s been neutered, demonized, shamed and shown in all roles…except as he should have been.

With what has been done to him neurologically and chemically, it’s even more of a deep wound as we are forced to watch him vanish, with extreme and increasing physical and mental difficulties, in front of our eyes at home, everywhere.

This generous number of four clips in the first thirty minutes…exceeds any similar clips for our men from an entire collection of American movies and TV shows of over thirty years. In actuality, per my study, much longer than even that unforgiveable span of propagandized abuse.

Assaults and wars are one thing and I’m not breaking into tears over tough breaks and anything being our turn. Not at all.

But for an entire nation to be treated in this way…and all of its leaders agreeing and “important” folks looking away, I promise you one thing now…for WHEN we get through.

You owe these hypocritical animals from the Media not a damned thing anymore.

They spent the majority of their professional energies to put down, emasculate, terrorize, insult, abuse and make a mockery of our sons, brothers and fathers…after their covens across the academic and scientific fields spent their energies soaking them in chemicals to affect them into abysmal states of compliance, fear, devastating confusion and forced gender changes…

They can smirk, gloat or run victory laps over how they had a major hand in upending our society per the population program’s demands.

This childish taunting? This decade after decade of slipping in hints here and hee hawing over hypocrisies?

Makes each and every one of them like a thief who takes pride in robbing the pockets of dead old women. Like a professor who uses high handed language and puts on airs to lecture in front of people who don’t understand his language and never graduated from the third grade.

It makes each one of them an arrogant punk who became a “big important” man by bio-chemically and manipulating defenseless children.

This sidewinding smiling of theirs to our faces while purposefully doing all in their power to see that things go wrong?

Making sure that all bases are covered with every bank, school and corporation’s cooperation and money?

It makes them Nothing. Transparent.  Honor less.

They have nothing left to hold you. There is nothing left for them to criticize you over and heaven bless the day more of us take to smacking them back when they dare hit us, run over us and then hit us some more.

I have no specific gripes re: the movie’s production team.

It is about Media in general.  

Our support, needs to stop. Us raising our children to regard Media and its associates on the same level as dope peddlers and other dangerous criminals, needs to begin.

Our defending a gutless institution for the sake of our “pride” because we’ve been raised and hold so tight onto the faith that Media “would never hurt us” or be so cruel as to mock the disabilities and what has been taken from our sons, that needs to stop.

Finally listening to one another, being aware that ALL of us have dire troubles and us trusting one another, after forgiving each other…for everything, that needs to begin.

Yes, it sounds extreme..but so is the pain a mother feels being smacked in the face with the types of mocking reminders that would crush any parent. Especially when our country of people are being sterilized , our babies are being disabled and the decline of our fertility has been boasted about by those who take great pride in hurting defenseless human beings…

This juvenile, inhumane and open cruelty…on top of the cruelty of all of our “leaders” encouraging and allowing our forced gender changes …even if we can do no other thing, eliminating Media’s influence as completely as possible would go a long way towards the long years of healing we’ve been forced to anticipate.

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