My Two Cents on “Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love”

With Nov 2020 Update

Ramsy's Joint

(“Make sure you’re doing the wrong thing”-a quote from the movie that was a professional/ personal greeting directed toward the artist highlighted in this film…which the viewer would be do very well to remember …)

(Nov 2020 update; One example { a hefty one in fact} of the open faced “hidden” boasting messages directed at us which they can’t ever cease lobbing our way..Leonard Cohen – The Future Lyrics | Genius Lyrics)

It’s a well-done documentary about one artist’s influence on the people around him and the world of entertainment in general.

There’s also another story stashed within, not so easily seen but with notable connection to the degradation happening within our modern society.
That is, if one can allow him/herself just a shade more flexibility of imagination and forgiveness for the treading around graver suspicions.

From the best of my expressive and clumsy abilities, I’d say…

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