Another Checkmate Waiting for the UN: Abuse

It is what I choose to call “the most charming checkmate that exists”.

The “charm” lying in the fact that 100 percent of what can be shown is the truth.

If our abusers could be forced to stand still in front of a room filled with all of the World’s eyes and ears..with vile mouths muzzled and an agreed acknowledgement that they do indeed understand enough of the English language to communicate sensibly..

It’s a fact in which they would HAVE to relinquish control of either one of two existing strangleholds.

Either their power hold on the right to punish us by laws that they themselves create and do not abide by.

Or their currently running abuses upon us, also and fully defined by the laws they created.

It’s a no win for them.

If they insist on having the “privilege” of creating bogus laws AND beating us to death through use of the crimes described in their laws..then we are truly, without question, only dealing with animals who need to be ignored, stopped or forced out of power.

Each and every one of these listed violations are crimes which the United Nations associates and governments are currently raining down upon our heads.

If one bristles at the thought of us being considered as children, no worries..

I have also included the generic framework of abuse definitions they declare for adult women.

Intimate Partner Violence Surveillance: Uniform Defintions and Recommended Data Elements (

They are the same. They are literally treating us as children and arresting our development towards the fashion of children, still applies.

We are ignored and called foul names for trying to stop what is absolutely known to cause disabilities-mercury in the preservatives of all vaccinations.

We are publicly mocked and our children are told to ignore our warnings and lured off towards lifetimes of irreversible damages because of this.

The shaming of, mocking of, belittling of and demeaning of all males in general is steadily flowing and has been recorded over three decades of UN sponsored, owned and powered Media outlets.

Placing young boys on sex offender lists which prevent them from buying homes and force them to announce their status as a “sex offender”..without thousands of citizens knowing that his “crime” was only a wolf whistle at a girl..instead of a forced rape …ensures that his self worth is diminished by his forced isolation, cruel assumptions, on top of ALL opportunities for happiness destroyed for the rest of his life.

The UN has routinely placed vulnerable people in positions of committing crimes; be it though wars or civilian exercises which end up destroying, stealing from or poisoning human beings.

I could go on (and have indeed been going on in various posts) concerning dozens of prime examples.

I share these with you because I know you are intelligent enough to pick and choose what is relevant to your experiences and interest.

It still stands. VERY firmly and truly.

They are either right in their freak show hypocrisies on at least one angle..

Or they are right on the other…

But there is no way, in the Hell which they earn graduate degrees from, that they can be considered right on both.

With the scales wiped from our eyes and the bones reinstated in our spines…it will result in them being displaced and stopped from executing authority re: either.

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