Another Painful Reminder that Media Needs to be Abandoned

Ramsy's Joint

It is unbearable.

The sarcasm and open taunting through Media.

These are clips that spanned the first thirty minutes of this film (Israeli film “Policeman”).

Clearly, his role as nurturer, father, strong man and son are shown.

His masculine male self-the very type of man that our males have been beaten over the head for trying to maintain..and chemically brutalized from becoming.

Without it being pulled, criticized or condemned by a Media which has made sure this image of a man does not appear anywhere-certainly not with four demonstrations in a row within 30 minutes.

A Media that spits out, from between its lying teeth , all kinds of reasons why it can not or “must not” portray our males in even halfway decent lights..anywhere; if it was challenged in the first place.

With a bodyguard brigade of celebrities and other boot licking traitors..Media will NEVER be challenged…

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