The Miracle That We Need

I was asked what sort of miracle would be considered “right on time”.

I responded that the miracle would (should) be us seriously addressing who we are and what has been, and continues to be, done to us.

As one of the latest waves of abused children in an ongoing cycle of worsening abuses.

As the most recent generation of humans born conditioned to hate and spit on the generation of abused children who came before us.

And created to hate and remain blind to the destruction of the next generation of abused children after us.

Up to and including the time when we are no longer useful.

It is of utmost importance.

Before the next generation has grown old and the very same system, that they defended and depended on, is telling lies about them, openly humiliating them and leading the next generation of youth on a campaign to destroy all corners of their lives; with even less traces of humanity in their DNA than what has been stripped from us now.

Before they are whittled down to tens of thousands of “excellent types” -bred to dedicate their lives carrying out the warped wishes and whims of “more important” human beings.

Without loving anyone, caring for anyone, anticipating growth, able to be loved or making vital decisions for themselves.

With the remnants of all emotions buried and eradicated under mandated chemicals and continued social-psychological abuse and intimidation.

With the “richness” of a day totaling the accomplishments of waking up, pushing buttons, eating and sleeping.  

While the greatest achievements in life ending up being to live solely for Master’s comfort, applaud Master’s existence, and “sufficiently docile enough” (defenseless) to absorb the blows and perversions of Master when he needs a “thing” to vent his frustrations and disappointments on.

For, as always, these Masters and their kin will continue to be the only “true human beings” allowed to retain their original bio chemical states of being.

That’s the miracle that should occur.

Because it NEEDS to.

From Alan Watts

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