One of Many Checkmates Waiting for the UN: Race Relations

Ramsy's Joint

One example of how stupid they believe we are can be seen with the help of this 1977 ad.

The NAACP had been in disguise and performing charitable gestures and forcing legislative acts for colored people for over 68 years by 1977.

Frame after dramatic frame, on top of some long winding dramatic beats, even I as an 8-year-old at that time, would have sat up to take notice of this “oh so important!” entity that was supposedly working so very hard “for us.”

Obviously, at 2020, the 68 years ballooned into plenty more.


Considering it was the groups and individuals running the UN which created and sponsored NAACP..

And considering that affirmative action along with ALL kinds of social and legal upturning moves were flooding in from all corners, from the UN noble court..

For them to even DARE suggest that our country now, is anywhere NEAR as…

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