Papa’s Favorite Child

One can see the “COVID” news from the North from two angles..

His View: We’re not, apparently, all in this together | Opinion |

We can either choose to believe that common decency and common sense would lead to our own eventual and returned freedoms.

Or we can see it in a more realistic light..

You can compare it to evil and cruel step or adoptive parents.

Parents who favor their own flesh and blood far, far more than the children they kidnapped long ago and have abused straight throughout.

The children which they sneer at, destroy and look at with disgust-even though every supposed “disappointing condition” or “improper behavior” was washed in, forced in and ground into their lives, by those very same parents who take pride in destroying them Today.

Of course, they’ve “been granted” permissions and the privilege to maintain their rights to survive as real human beings. What else would one expect, when Stockholm is one of Papa’s main hangouts?

United Nations Conference on the Environment, Stockholm 1972 | United Nations

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