When Fools Made the Rules 1972

It kinda makes you feel sorry for the ones who wrote this heaving overblown windbaggery of glory.

This 1972 UN creation

Report of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment – A/CONF.48/14/Rev.1 (un-documents.net)

They could have simply told the truth of what was to be and could have been real short and sweet about it. If one includes everything that’s actually happened to us DURING their “taking care of us”…

Sure, it could have gone a little something like-

“Hello my fine gods and goddesses of the Hinterlands

Today we’re gonna lay down some additional plans for running the world..into glorious oblivion.

We’ll need to own every inch of the earth, bind every free government under our rules, spy on everyone and set into motion a wagonload of new troubles on the people.
Goodies like

Increased manic diseases for the ladies, biologically changed genders,
rampaging AIDS , gang wars, crack wars, meth epidemics, increased morbid obesity, skyrocketed teen pregnancies, increased STDs, uncured cancers, increased gall bladder diseases, blossoming old age arthritis for the young folk, pre-mature Alzheimer’s for the younger middle aged men, hormonal damages burning like wildfire (unstopped) through the black female population, increasing autism, torn apart homes, consistent and open abuses against males, the stripping of most of the peoples Bill of Rights, a monopoly on health, banking and academic institutions…
And that’s just for starters.
Let’s see….ah, yes, on the side, we’ll have media wash in phenomenal amounts of filth, violence and debasements to nurture the young, misdirect the women and mock the men.

Thirty years sounds good. We’ll hit them with the big guns towards the end-depicting and encouraging young girls to hold public ass cheek flapping dance contests, young children screaming “F YOU!!!” into their meek parents’ faces and every young man being reminded of what a loser he is in every single tv show and movie. If he’s straight. Or white. Better yet, if he’s both.

All while protecting the earth so that folks can pretend to enjoy living a life we made damned near impossible to live comfortably in.
And cash. We’ll be needing regular flows of cash so we can keep steamrolling over the peasants faces efficiently and in style.

Any questions? Of course not….”

Ya, they could have saved some time.

It certainly could have done without this sour piece of crockery, about “man’s right to dignity” and other bla bla they kept slipping in there…

..since the entire “book” contains gobs and gobs of this whole “Opposite Day” foolishness.

Or sarcasm.

And lies.

As is the case with each and every single one of their “High Lordship” conferences re: what to do with the 99 percent of peasants-which they ended up hallucinating were theirs to do with as they pleased.

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