From an Ocean of P.C. Hypocrisy-One Drop

What I’m about to present is BARELY a sizeable amount of evidence in the actual and massive amount of openly available hypocrisies that Massa has dropped along the way.

It is but ONE small example that the younger generation of “best intentioned” masters need to understand about this “holier-than-all-of-us-PC-garbage” which they have been bamboozled into believing needs “a strong hand” to “enforce”.

In a land where our rights to speech and expression of our human and social thoughts..on ALL topics..are supposed to be guaranteed.

It is a ruse and a lie….

When the very same forces which saturated my generation of teenagers into believing that “gay” and “effeminate” males were “the best way to go”….were openly displaying the very things which they now stomp on our heads and dignities over.

Where, when even the most casual study is done, you will not find a single product that they used as propaganda…being eliminated, wiped, associated celebrities punished over nor a damned thing said about it, period.

Within 30 seconds…that’s all you will need, to see what I mean.

(Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” music video)

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