More Sick Reparation Talks

To Hell with their “reparations”…ALL of them.

Fund for Community Reparations for Autistic People of Color’s Interdependence, Survival, and Empowerment (

How about giving us our freedoms and our rights as human beings again? Or in a more realistic light, for the first time in our history of ongoing servitude, abuse and forced subjugation.

Better yet, let’s include all of the people of this world that the dynastic-papal Masters have usurped power from, ruined, raped, kidnapped, killed and ripped cultures away from?

Irish human beings, Native American human beings, African, East Indian, Australian, South American..and everywhere else they have planted their mighty and murderous flag of “universal control”.

How about the ceasing of pretending that we “have any choices”? In a society where they own every inch of Media-to mold, brainwash and manipulate our very young and vulnerable to accommodate this population nightmare agenda that we’ve been forced to endure?

Or how about ceasing this “viral” “sham-demic” and restoring our rights as human beings to breed as we want, to walk where we want and associate freely as our currently standing laws provided for? Being allowed to restore the broken wreckage from our small businesses being smashed into smithereens under this low down and long in coming “silent assault” on us.

Or, maybe we can start out smaller, by addressing and coming clean on this “genocide-enslavement” threat that was waged against us, right before it was decided that the only way to “save Earth” was to murder the majority of us and eliminate the “unusual” and “wasteful” practice of having sex between men and women that these automaton overseers had the nerve to wag their tails over and eagerly set about bringing to ugly and massive life? (see bottom of page ref 1)

Heck, simply coming clean about the hormones they forced upon us and the gruesome fact of them tearing down our IQ averages down into the dirt via mercurial exposure and heaven knows what else combined..would be a TRUE gift. And the ONLY ONE SINGLE true step on the path to the “world betterment” they have been promising for ages and lying through their teeth about.

We are not only being insulted on a daily basis, hurt and demeaned by the dynastic-papal influences…a vast number of us are weary and exhausted from having to live our lives from within the horror show chapters which no one seems to wish to admit..but have no problems openly crafting in many ways.

They can give us back our freedoms as human beings.

It wouldn’t cost anything. Which, as far as even a fool like myself can figure, is far better than any amount of promised and/or lied about “riches” these cheap game players have planned for our meager lifestyles to come.

They can stop their childish terrorism and taking advantage of vulnerable human beings that they themselves agreed to cripple over the decades. Human beings they eagerly and “wisely” agreed should be “gotten rid of”(see bottom of page ref 2)

It is simple.

As far as that lousy little “joke” at the bottom of the page, from alleged autistics who invite society to “laugh at us” re: the “tech-nerd” term?

That disgusting little blurb?

As all of those “gods and goddesses”, hunched over at Massa’s table, should full and well know, it is a reputation that has been cruelly set into place and systematically carried out over decades in the form of bullying abuses and ridicule washed in by THE MEDIA  which they own.

So that an entire world could openly brutalize and mock the quiet, exceptional and “different” child through dozens of their TV shows and movies. Teaching an entire world  that it was AOK to bash us, make fun of us and depict us barely more than mockable human beings entitled to simple respect…which OF COURSE led to a high number of very embittered adults, many of whom are now serving as overseers with some very large axes to grind out. Some of whom ,I have no doubt, are not actually aware of what Massa they are truly serving; the one that is using them until they drop, depriving them of love, families, the desire to grow past their master’s whims and forced to bear an entire society looking upon them with inescapable pity, horror, hate and whatever nasty else.

I should know (even though I am barely considered anywhere near as “valuable” as most) because I had to live with that raw gut hell at school, on top of the never-ending abuses happening in my own “home”.


They can start by rescinding these separate “constitutions” legislating how we live our lives with their fake “ concerns and tolerance”.

No one asked them, they’re not invited…yet they have barged and raped their way into our lives anyway. Spending entire careers playing pretend and manufacturing ways to have us believe that “we asked” for their help. When their histories are so incredibly thick with wars, thefts, cruelty and disrespect towards all human groups-meaning they have NO CAUSE to tell ANY OF US “how to..” do ANY THING…let alone having the temerity to “represent” us and what “all” of us want or need.

As they always have, for generations at a time.

They need to stop having the nerve to demand that the entire world think the way they demand, while flexing the transparent muscles of their steel grip.

When it obvious what they have done to us, each and every day for countless families and individuals..for the sake of their population reduction wet dreams-

Causing our steep drops in fertility

Increasing our obesity

Increasing our diabetes, gall bladder diseases, suicides, violent mood disorders, vanished libidos and all else that can be easily traced to the hormones that were FORCED UPON OUR BODIES and MINDS WITHOUT OUR PERMISSIONS OR THE HALF ASSED DECENCY OF ADMITTING THIS CRIME…JUST SO WE CAN SALVAGE WHAT IS LEFT TO SALVAGE.

(see bottom of page ref 3)


It is all too obvious that when they report on the plummeting averages of our IQ scores, it is because they are quite satisfied for us to be reverted back to the state of children, incapable of defending ourselves or to think logically enough to live the independent lives which they have LOVED stripping away from all groups which they deem as “needing to improve”.

When all this world has seen and suffered through for 80 years of “open” United Nations rule, is increased damages and eradicated simple human rights.

They need to drop and bury the talk of these various so-called reparations. If they can’t bother to call them what they are- “covers” for the slave allowances, that will be in place for decades to come, for every “special group” they can force and are forcing into the cramped and soul sucking cabins on their sick modern plantations; their precious welfare states.

We know what’s going on…and we are sick and tired of seeing them pop up from every dusty corner with another lousy game angle or another twisted misleading “campaign” that we’re supposed to be “vegetable” enough to somehow ignore or willingly suffer through to endure.

Acting as if we’re all drooling and grinning serenely over a “Big Papa and Mama” poking their mortal noses into and taking over of our sex lives, where we choose to live, how we spend our money and whom we choose to be with.

 Forcing and bullying us into injections of metals which they openly boast that they aren’t required to take for themselves.

Speaking of us as animals and collaborating with one another to carry out “experiments” on our genders to insure the disappearance of sexual heterosexual breeding..when we can see one another and can feel the damages which we cannot escape.

Many of us are indeed a bit “slow on the uptakes” but my god, we can still understand-if anything, far better than the majority of those who are so very convinced of their smug superiority.

 Not to mention that we are indeed still human beings-who can act far better than the animals they are so proud to behave like: sterilizing us world-wide, poisoning us, breaking laws and hitting us in the face with illegal and large corporate-political “baseball bats” to punish us for “not behaving right”..under the influences and effects that THEY brought upon our heads.

Besides, the term “reparations” indicates that something was done to warrant the “repairing of”.

Which, in the very insulting least, would require “someone” to admit the wrong doing which caused and created troubles related specifically to our conditions.

And THAT? Is something these tricksters most certainly have NEVER had the courage nor the decency to address. Except in those “sick, slick and secret” mocking ways they are now well known for playing at.

In any case…in one ear, out of the other and onward straight to Hell is exactly where all this reparation nonsense should go..if there was just ONE corporate or “divine” entity amongst them, on this Earth, that truly meant to “set things right”. Which is exactly what the have never had any intentions of doing…as a near century of an entire world “waiting” has solidly proven.




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