A Quick “In and Out” Tip for “Fallout ’76”-Length Corrected

(My most sincere apologies for the original upload, which was MUCH too long.

This has been corrected)

This is a little strategy I ended up discovering while trying to survive in Fallout 76.

Although I’ve been a gamer since age 15 , I’m not really one of those impressive older players.

Most certainly not like this exceptional and excellent role model.

Though I may have always possessed a gold plated heart of intentions.. it sits astride a tin foil hustle.

I’m one of those who are way too slow to save or protect much, let alone a newly acquired workshop.

By the time I stand back up…

(from stooping over to retrieve the toothbrush and typewriter loot I dropped , while desperately fumbling with a rickety shack door..for a “timely” escape)

..a faster and younger (of course) player will have already bounced me back into the oblivion of non-ownership.. and replaying footage of himself dancing a jig over my corpse via a Twitch stream.


This ‘discovery’ was a necessary development..to say the least.

  1. Build your place. Be sure to select walls that have shutters/windows which will allow you to “reach through” their open spaces.
  2. Place a crafting table on the inside region of a shuttered wall.
  3. Then, place a crafting table on the outside region of the wall.
  4. They should be spaced close enough and adequately enough to allow you to “teleport” yourself to the front of both tables.

Example– I choose cooking set-ups.

I feel they have more flexibility as far as space limitations are concerned.

When I want to “teleport” out of danger from the outside, I click on the “x” crafting button to access the inside cooking station.  

Snip. Snap. I’m inside and not so easily humiliated by being such an easy kill.

When I want to exit, from the inside,  I click on the “x” crafting button to access the outside cooking station.

Snap. Snip. I’m back outside, relishing the pride of having created my door-less fort.

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