When Enough is Enough

Ramsy's Joint

photo By Monkey Business

When Enough is Enough

There is only one way to explain all this stuff.

When we finally admit that “Enough is enough.”

And we look back on things which can’t really make sense.

Things which make us all seem inexplicably dense.

Like how boys’ lives are ruined before growing up

for expressing their joy at a girl showing up.

Yet priests remain free to molest victims more

(Although nobody listens to screams from the poor).

And how every catastrophe tied to the dosing

of hormones for sex changes others have chosen,

have been tied to our males in alarming amounts,

from the breasts on our boys to the stripped clean “T” counts.

How we’re publicly shamed for not wishing to date

certain types and then bullied and charged with deep “ HATE!”

While there’s favored exception for “worthier” sects

who may proudly…

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