Concerning This Pile of Garbage Here..


I was reminded of a few things as I looked over this stinking pile of garbage “Healthcare” plantation manual.

The handbook where special attention was dedicated to our fertility and surgical sterilizations; with them also being the only free procedures covered by the Fatherland.

Well, that and goo goo juice“Immunizations”,  of course. 

 (It’s a manual, oh BTW, made possible by step and fetch alcoholics and fools {formerly known as “politicians”} who allowed hate filled charlatans to ruin and steal our lives.

Without our permission, without reading anything..and without a single disc to any of their spines)

 I was motivated to remind my beloved children of how long Massa’s rabid hate has been gunning for us to get sterilized..(not that this “Dr Moreau Island” of living gender experimentation hell isn’t felt as a daily reminder enough) and how the idea of sterilization has kept their tails wagging top speed since the 60’s.

(Taken from a book that has now been priced too high for us “cattle”, monkeys”, “ewoks” (or whatever they call us) to afford.

The book which the author has conveniently executed a bit of CYA , to distance himself from as much as possible.)

It also reminded me to issue the warning of what they intend on doing  with our young men who landed and will be forced onto “sex offender” lists.

Also allowed by the same “representatives” who sat by, blinking their blind and greedy eyeballs under their waxed and polished hairdos.

The ones who huff and primp, while blustering “bi partisan “ hamster wheel rubbish for the cameras and slink away to the safety of their homes, free to ignore 99 percent of the “lowly” citizens that they have the privilege of “being better than”….Well, until they’re forced to see the whipping scars on their own grandchildren’s backs…when they’re too old and way too guilt ridden to do anything about the damages they ignored and ushered in.

 Or…as the case is for too many of us..were born too neurologically raped to intellectually understand barely any of the obvious connections..anyway. 

Which would also lead to the very serious reminder of how MUCH mercury injections MUST be stopped-lest our next cast of political characters end up too crippled to even bend over and fasten the velcro straps on their future fancy shoes.

That is, if they don’t keel over from the rush of blood to their inflated heads first.

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