A Safe Suggestion for ‘Mixed’ Children’s Hair Care

As an ethnically blended (“half-breed” or whatever term one wishes to use) fifty-two year old woman, I will reserve personal comments re: this System’s various image manipulations concerning “our kind” for later days.

Today, I’m passing on a hair care tip, for parents of ethnically mixed children-specifically “black and white” blends. In case they’ve been left with no choice except to experiment with caustic chemicals or to simply let “nature take its course”, resulting in “hairstyles” unmanaged and painfully difficult to brush through for the child herself.

It’s very simple and if one doesn’t mind spending a few dollars on a hair bonnet style hair dryer, I suspect it’s a tip that many parents will appreciate greatly. Without the fear, pain or regret of using harsher alternatives. With this method, you can experiment without long lasting damages.

You will need some hair rollers (foam ones are great), a hair bonnet style dryer and a general hair detangler. And a brush or comb, of course.

Wash the hair, rinse it and towel pat it dry enough to not drip yet remain damp.

Spray as much detangler as you need, in order to comb through until the damp hair is free of tangles and knots.

With whatever method you wish, separate the damp hair into sections that can be wrapped onto several rollers.

Place the bonnet over the rollers. Try to keep the ears uncovered by the bonnet, if possible.

This is where the “experimentation” comes into play-taking note of how long it takes to dry whatever volume of hair needs drying. In my personal experience, as a young girl, my wild ,yet baby fine, mass took anywhere from half an hour to forty-five minutes. This would be the reason as to why I stress minding the ears. Then again, with my young hair being dressed in the 70’s and 80’s; modern dryers should have more temperature controls and provide less discomfort.

When the hair is completely dry to the touch, unwind the sections of hair from the rollers.

Depending on the texture of one parent’s DNA contribution and the strength of the other parent’s DNA input, you should end up with more manageable and tamed locks. It should be easier to comb through and worked into a greater variety of styles.

And, as I expect will be the case for more than a few, a happier and relieved child.

If luck prevails (since I don’t and can’t know about countless other individual mixed race hair type situations) it shouldn’t have to be done more than once or twice a week. Once again, it’s all about experimentation.

I found a young lady’s video on YouTube, where she shared her first experience with a bonnet dryer. She didn’t use rollers for her experience.

The path that stretches out between the years you can take Nature’s gifts for granted..until the years you are left with little choice other than to sport a “Bomberman knob” ( a thinning one, at that.lol!) on the top of an older and gently humbled head…

Is much too precious and short.

With much love, good luck. Ramsy

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