How About We Stay Away Next Time, Yes?

Now, that they feel we “owe” it to them to receive our slave allowances with big grins, on this plantation that they head butted us onto (complete with the insult of a modern “mammy wet-nursing” mandate. The biggest clue that we’ll ever see that most of us won’t be “allowed” to raise our own babies)..

..Let’s try remembering a few things, shall we?

Especially for those of us whom are allegedly so concentrated on the fact that our fore great mothers were forced to be slaves.

And even though their actions have become so much more transparent with each generation in which they continue their sick games.

Of molding us on the “sly”.

Interjecting “magical” subliminal nonsense into all that more vulnerable minds may see and hear.

Or by simply acting the fools so that others will be comfortable enough to join them.

And taking open pot shots at our intellect, while maintaining impeccably soft spoken and somber sounding “sincerity”.

When their insults have never been anything that impressive nor “secret”.

Like how they can’t bother to pop down to a local craft store to buy a lousy cheap crystal, fake fur or lace trim to adorn a dress to allow a young lady ( whom they supposedly give two hoots about) to be actually represented as a “renaissance” character of any sort. Never mind the “vanishing” and disassociation of their precious name behind her.

The article where it’s made crystal clear that this “COVID” enslavement will be permanent.)

Like how our girls being constantly depicted as immodest sex objects isn’t so much (if at all) of a “female empowerment” thing as it has always been them regarding us as animals-human beings not worth dignity or the covering up of private parts, even when situated next to other female human beings.

These clips are from the 70’s TV production of “I, Claudius”- which is an excellent production, first of all, despite what one may feel about what’s being pointed out. Besides, there are much worse and much more degrading examples which exist in today’s media every single day. And we all know this.

Like how they are now insisting all of our women appear in every single public ad with wild and unkempt hairdo-s-although I suspect it may regard something else.

Since black hair products are killing our women off and causing hormonal damages at incredible rates, it could be a simple matter of not wanting to be seen to encourage hair dressing for minority women at all.

(if the “wild” hairstyle along with mismatched and missing painted nails is a “fashion trend”, pardon me, I am an older woman.

I just recall that trying to comb through my own younger head of unmanaged hair, in that condition, was too much of a painful ordeal to deal with. Plus, I did wish to look as good as I could, once in a while.)

It doesn’t matter. We’ve been born into, molded by and saturated with their control and hatred from before we were born, so none of us know of a better or different world anyway.

The point is…

We can remember and choose to face the facts of what they’ve always thought of us. And how much trouble they have brought us..leaving us little choice but to absorb the massive generational damages as our own.

Especially now since they are steamrolling ahead with our forced enslavement.

Those who grab our hands in public, and then scrub their hands raw behind closed doors because they had to do something as despicable as touch an “animal’s” foot, to get whatever despicable thing they had to get done.

We can remember that we don’t need them to plague us much longer, if this sour and raw disdain is truly all they intend on continuing for us; making money and mockery from us each time. Leaving us looking like a group of lost and wide eyed children who don’t know any the custody of the most abusive set of parents on Earth.

Ruining our young, decade after decade. Turning our children against us. Teaching them the very worst habits, decimating their esteems and making fortunes on top of it all.

The moment we decide to remember who they are and face the cold hard truth of what they’re actually about..then we will have a true chance at a much brighter future than they have ever “allowed” us.

Without a need to bow, forge ourselves in their worst image and demean ourselves for their petty graces and “favors”. 

Or..the next time we finally have the good fortune to get about we stay away, hm?

(original runaway slave wanted ads from late 1790s)

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