Alternative Watching for the Youngest Modern Child

It’s no longer a secret that American Media is obligated to keep it as dark and as hopeless as it can manage, for the youngest and most impressionable.

My purpose for suggesting “The Lawrence Welk Show” is to offer a brighter alternative for young parents, who may not be familiar with it but want to supplement a childhood or two with something better than the blood, sex and idiocy which we can’t otherwise easily avoid.

It was a show I refused to miss, as a young girl, every Sunday night at 6 p.m.

As a little girl trapped in a progressively darkening household, I was developing into a progressively more disheartened child.

It was shows/music like this which I still give thanks for.

As a young child, these types of shows let me imagine that I was worth being made happy.

And, as a young child, these were the types of shows that supplied the joyful sounds and messages, which I would never have heard otherwise, over the ugly and hate filled noises.

Sometimes, whatever filters through from the screens is the only light a small child can grab onto.

Especially when we’re talking about a “difficult to communicate with” or “problem” child; the categories I was constantly reminded of fitting into…except for the precious hours when these colorful and enthusiastic show folks would come to “visit” and sing to me.

It’s what the blessing of childhood is meant to provide – to help human beings (who actually have nothing or no one else) experience feelings of delight, which they can carry with them and reach for when the times get tough…

Before being forced to deal in a world that has been, and will continue, going out of its way to ruin most of it for them, to leave them with nothing good, charming, decent or lovely at all to hold onto..not even as a cherished memory.

Try it and see, there’s nothing to lose.

His or her young attentions may be reeled in more than you could have ever imagined. Heck, you may even surprise yourself, overcome by a toe tap or two.

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