An Insta-Anger Cooldown

When I first saw the ad, my heart started racing. In anger.

A “million” thoughts ran through my head. One was my wondering if a professional model was hired to showcase that fingernail as it was or if it was a matter of grabbing cousin NaNa to come hold up an ear boogie for the camera.

Another was my recalling the first time I saw an unusually nasty advert online.I was 23, mid 90s. I’m in my 50s. In other words, way too long ago.

A final thought went along the lines of

These nasty bastards, here, man. When in the name of unholy “pff” are these jokers going to grow up?”

The thoughts which struck a bit deeper weren’t quite so funny though.

They were thoughts of my grown children. The ones who are being shown zero respect as far as what big companies offer them in ads ..anywhere. On the other hand, I was also thinking of the ones who are encouraged to create those ads in those ways. Because they need to earn a paycheck and have no other choice.

Either way, I felt pissed for a minute. Or ten.

Then..I settled down.

After all, this is from the same Media industry which boldly (and non-stop) broadcast the news about Clinton’s joo boo juice on Lewinsky’s dress like it was just another weather forecast..

It’s with the same industry mentality, where big buck stars and high class hookers don’t mind earning a few million bucks pretending to convulse and upchuck streams of multi-textured vomit…to be seen on 20 foot screens, in front of millions of eyeballs and recorded on half as many memory tracks. No matter how rag nasty it may look to a “few”.

So. My concluding thoughts?

They don’t care? Then who cares, really? Right?”


This post will be meant for my children.

You know that’s rude. I know you do. Even if it’s spread all over the Media like Nutella on bananas

(mmmmm, right?).

I know you deserve better and I respect you enough to trust in your judgements concerning that matter.

But don’t you ever…EVER..let me catch you cowing your eyes or bending your head to these people, in your life. Ever. These “megla-megatroid-athon” corporations, institutes and so on.

(If you bend you head because you have to spit out a bit of Laffy Taffy stuck in between your they happen to be passing by..that will be fine.)

Other than that, I don’t want you acting or believing that they are superior to you, better than you or that they hold a certain “class” and serve some warped “higher standard” of example for all matters of Mankind.

None of the producers, the stars, the sponsors, supporters, no big name nephews or hot shot mamas.

I don’t care if they have their walls covered , every square inch of them,  in degrees. Or if they danced with a prime minister at a hoe-down or shook hands with a supreme Hoozit from Whoville..

You keep your head held high. Higher than theirs.

Try your very best to not stoop to the levels they’ve all but carved out in stone for you, even before I was born.

Do your best to not let it be a haughty holding of the head high. Firm and steady will do.

They’ve served up dung hills of that ignorant arrogance for a LONG enough time.

 Remember, you’ll be the generation that this world has been waiting for, for an extremely long time.

And you will be GREATLY appreciated when you finally arrive.

Acting as proper as you are Divine.

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