Per request, I’m posting what I mean when I refer to The System (Massa, whatever) and how it’s purposefully been dirtying things up (image wise) all over the place.

Examples like unmade beds, uncombed hair, sloppy clothes, close up shots of dirt under the nails, etc. showing up in adverts, movies and all additional visual media. Not like it was, when only the best was acceptable from “top” places; before the days when recorded and crude sounds of flatulence would echo from the speakers , onto the main floors of what ( I once thought) was the “higher class” establishment of Legoland.

It’s something I noted in earlier years. However, nowadays, I specifically think of an objective that was expressed when plans for “what to do with us” were being sketched, discussed, advertised, pimped, slipped in there, however one puts it.

I make a point in addressing our youngsters in that area, not because I’m a stellar housekeeper or because I pass judgement over it.

I make a point because their goal was to introduce all of our children into being “beastly” and living as “beasts”-subjected to the “deviant creation”, torn down low and so on.

As if the sky wouldn’t crack open if we were to present any of their young ladies with constant suggestions to, let’s say, pick their noses in public.

Or as if they wouldn’t be furious and fit to explode if we were in the regular habit of encouraging their sons to pop around in mismatched socks or with soiled hemlines. Purposefully subjecting them to the Raggedy creation. They wouldn’t have that for their children.

And neither should we expect or accept that for much longer, aimed towards our own children-our human children, our pride and joy..NOT their “beasts” to insult.

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