The Constant Thrashing from Our Academic Overseers

I will absolutely find an inanimate object to either kick or tear into the tiniest of pieces, the next time I have to suffer looking at and hearing one of today’s “brightest and best” from the world of Academia, verbally slander the whole entire Human race.

As if he were, to any degree, or on any level, anything of a decent or ‘worthwhile’ example. Aside from the paper degrees which Massa pats his head for.

From the greasy and knotted locks of unkempt hair, wrinkled and sweat stained collars to worn out t-shirts to the unpressed short pants riding over hairy old man legs..which end in dingy ankle socks stuffed into muddied tennis shoes.

How the hell we ended up with the audacity to allow human beings who look like homeless winos (in the classrooms) to cackle about and condemn man for the “animal” he is..when they themselves are as repulsive and repugnant as this sad sackery way past my understanding.

And I am beyond sick of it.

Not for the sake of my generation or the one preceding it, but for the youngest members of two generations whose world will explode with returned vitality and renewed positivity..when our generations affected and hypocrisy ridden carcasses finally roll down into the great void of “nevermore”, where most of us belong, as supposed “leaders” or “authority” models.

How FING dare they have the nerve to keep repeating this abusive conditioning, looking the way and holding themselves in the ways that too many of them do?

When what is actually wrong with Mankind is that the wealthiest and tightest fisted individuals are PURPOSEFULLY ,and have been purposefully, making sure that EVERY corner of our upbringing, environment and self esteems are tanked beyond repair. Each and every decade since they set up this joint.

When..if these so-called “brains”..would actually invest one lousy afternoon to study a century of movie reels to see that 90 percent of all scripts chosen/created have had not one good thing to portray of the American male or child, they would be FORCED to admit that this is not the work of Joe and Jane Bobo.

When over 90 percent of all shows (with infants) clearly show that directors and managers hate young babies to the point of making sure that these infants are in states of distress and crying. While having the smirking balls to ensure how “safe” animals are.

When over 90 percent of all songs lyrics center around only a few things. All destructive and hopeless.

Examples being what a cheat and a “dog” man is, what an ungrateful “slut” woman is, how love is a “long lost” footnote and how alone and at each other’s throat each will be.

When any average intellect and cataract free pair of eyeballs CAN see the evidence of out-and-out drip conditioning of the very worst animal type standards in the fashion trends and the magazines. Through the prompting of rich celebrity puppets, who do Massa the favor of dressing in high priced ripped clothing and taking on the roles of brainless order to fashion these conditions onto and into the young.

If they are truly as “super smart” as they carry and hold themselves, then they’d be able to detect an actual and graphable uptick in the representations which produce and then reflect the actual physical conditions and attitudes of the population.

From the blasted “heroin chic” trend (90s) from the bogus hoi polloi “fashion industry” to the unforgiveable mockery “trend” of young men sporting beards in these recent years…when there is a “coincidental” drop in masculinity, testosterone and insistence of “marriages” between heterosexual young women and homosexual young men.

These are NOT “Mankinds” doing. And they damned sure are not “coincidences” borne from the billions of us HUMANS who are trying out best to carve out livings and avoid being insulted by one decade of arrogant “intellects” after another, on what damned “animals” we are.

Even if these examples do not relate directly to the dwindling of Earth’s resources or the way we treat one another in civil society (the topics where these snide individuals usually voice their ugly condemnations the most)…my god, it shouldn’t take a damned genius to SEE, or come to the grade school conclusion, that those who purposefully insert such malignancy in “trivial” matters into our lives..are also the very ones who are adding and have kept the malignant touches to the more important ones.

The ones whose documentation spans centuries , with intentions boasted, that no one wishes to address. The ones that politicians, clergy and “important” individuals get all giggly in their guts to rub shoulders with for their own worthless and short lived “glory”.

The only ones wealthy enough to own the machines, the corporations and all other vital tools.

The only ones whose mothers aren’t suffering from nightmarish mental illnesses, whose daughters aren’t having their babies ripped out of their arms and the only ones able to supply these arrogant and sloppy academic abusers their high positions of power-no matter how nasty, crude and animal-like they present their own selves as. A condition I don’t doubt was planned as well-as it fit in so well, to destroy what used to be the uniform standards of what respected and well put together academic professionals were supposed to be proud enough to hold themselves to.

The abuse is prevalent amongst many professionals now, many who are not rag bags. Some still have the good taste and sense to be, at the very least , dapper and clean looking.

However, it’s the constant putting down, the snide backhands and non-stop negativity that is the damaging factor.

It reminds me of an ugly, heavy handed and slovenly husband who has done nothing to encourage his wife of 30 years. Taking advantage of his “high standing” in the neighborhood to freely and secretly abuse her, while knocking her around for not being a decent human…yet demanding that she stay because no one else will want her..and that she can’t make it without him anyway.

Him, acting every bit the animal to the “nth” degree…taking delight in and maintaining that her life remains a living god damned nightmare.

When all he’s ever had to dish out are complaints, cruel jokes and without a single positive compliment.

THIS..has been done on purpose to us. And only the best and brightest would and should truly know this.

In a world where Mankind has NEVER seen a day where he was EVER been given the respect to live his personal life without the interferences of criminals and clergy who have usurped all power under the threats of pain, murder and lifelong misery.

It is long passed time that the constant and allowed abuses from this current batch of rude and painfully narrowly focused “intellects”  is called into question, so that it may be stopped.

IF…and I stress a very big “if”…those who express such sigh inducing and angry eye rolling frustration over “mankind being too stupid, greedy and selfish”..ACTUALLY want to earn their positions as “respected adults”, then they need to face facts, stick a pin into their inflated heads and cobble up sensible and humane solutions, which have never been taught to nor encouraged in the American society…as their own disgusting and completely shame inducing habits clearly reflect. Not travel into the future, steadily smashing Mankind’s esteem for a third century, with the same hate and intolerance which poisoned them when they too were abused and intimidated children trying to learn in this place.

Especially in an insane world where THEY are the ones who are supposed to write the formulas and give the bogus lectures on “tolerance, patience and getting along” for the rest of us whom they can not stand nor treat as human beings. As if they somehow came to the conclusion that they exist as “other than” human themselves.

Like a panel of old, bitter and screaming biddies, with their breasts riding side saddle on their hips…yet in charge of prepping a group of beautiful and moldable young women for a beauty contest.

It’s deplorable, unproductive and a humiliation that will come crashing in to destroy both sides of the matter how damned “smart” folks may demand the world to know them as.

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