All the Proof We Need- Which They Produced

Proof exists in far more than forty years of piddly tv shows and music video propaganda.

Even more evidence exists in the documentaries which “hint” at Massa’s ongoing tricks and trash.

If one takes care to lay them side by can study the story of Us. All of us.

This is the story of our father.

The man who should have been recorded in the history books and drowned by the applause of a grateful society, for his inventions and ingenuity. The type of man which most women, of that time, did all they could to find and felt grateful as hell to keep. Because he was a gentle soul, an easy going soul and didn’t raise a lick of complaint while supplying food for his children’s stomachs and roofs over their heads.

A man who, instead, ended up getting kicked in the teeth repeatedly , courtesy of Massa’s greed and slick manipulations. And a man who died having to suffer the ugly fallout of his sons being ashamed of him for “not standing up” to a vile institution which made it IMPOSSIBLE for him to do anything but take it.

This is the story of our mother.

Our beautiful, whip smart and no-nonsense survivalist of a woman. A sexy woman who attained goddess type recognition, especially from amongst the thousands of the types of men which SHE preferred the company of-regardless of the variety a society was conditioned to believe “was” her type.

She was every bit the independent and non-domestic type that any successful young woman may strive to be these days-and a hell of a lot more besides, as a much more intelligent and more confident example. Even though, as you will see, Massa was right there..hidden in the black background, as always…refusing to show his face. As he used her and paid her handsomely to introduce new perversions and darker material to infect an otherwise (at that time) healthier young and male society’s imaginations.

This is the story of our sister.

We all know her and carry her in our spirits as a modern chick who “did her thing” to entertain us, help mold us and give us something to aspire to.

Although, it should be told and stressed to every young girl who’s currently being unfairly and unjustly humiliated under one “mental illness” diagnosis or whatever “autistic” to what anyone can see she truly was-just another girl whom Massa boosted into stardom.

For the continued introduction of depravity and lowered standards across the board, for her entire adult life. A life which led up to and includes these sunset days, where her haunted looking older eyes betray that whatever promises she was guaranteed, for everything she did..none of them was of “everlasting youth” or much else besides.

This one.. it is about our brothers.

Brothers who had no choice over what happened to them at birth, where they grew up or with what conditions they grew up with.

Brothers who will receive no answers, no apologies nor even a few “screw you very much” es..for the pain, the secrets and lab rat disregard they received as science projects. Projects executed at the hands of Massa’s objective and unconcerned servants..just like untold numbers of us have had to suffer through. With no hope for escape nor the decency of their lives being worth humane consideration ..even if it was to be scraped from the bottom of the filthiest and oldest of barrels.

The moment we all, every single one of us, drop our “pride” re: who we wish to think we “are”, swivel our heads and hearts to face the truth of what’s been happening to us and what “Massa” is..that will the very moment, I promise you, our lives can start being salvaged and vastly improved. For good.

Heaven knows, no matter how “stupid” we are treated and seen as, it’s damned near impossible to miss these things..manufactured, produced and recorded by their own hands the volume in which they exist and over the span of time they’ve been recorded over.

Even the most painful ones..where Massa scores kicks and cabbage, by painting our children as “monsters” and by exploiting the tragedies in which our children take the blame (and we’re encouraged to blame them)  for.

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