Proper Forgiveness, Not Childish Forgiveness

It’s been a year and a month since I held my violently convulsing and dying dog on the garage floor.

And it’s been a year since Massa flopped his Teflon and untouchable “COVID” keister on the full of my country’s face.

Although there are some countries and states allowed to get back to normal, without masks and such, I already predicted that the poor and mostly minority neighborhood that we live in (per my husband’s clients) would never see the light of free day again.

No minority or poor neighborhoods will.

For you see, those are the folks that Papa so desperately NEEDS to stop popping out babies. As I said before, their disregard for the intelligence of us is so deep and grounded, that they don’t care if the majority was complaining about their symptoms being radiation poisoning or not…they’d simply smile their grins of “pity” and remind the world of how “undereducated” everyone is in “those neighborhoods”.

After two personal desperate trips to the emergency room last year, (plus the smart assed and useless vet who put my dog to her final restshe had my same symptoms ) not a single “doctor” or medical staff member “knows what radiation poisoning looks like”. So, it turned out to be a waste begging for diddles, anyway.

(Whether I was “retarded” enough to believe medically trained folks would know such things, or not. I’m just as fine mooing in pain on my bed at home, as I was humiliated on a gurney, in the land of shrugs and no answers what-so-ever.)

Anyhoo..since I’m going through another round of reoccurring pains tonight, I decided to extend the definition of what I meant by “forgiveness”.

Come the day, if and when.

First, for the thousands of people who are our neighbors, family members and friends who work for the state and/or were convinced and simply doing the best with what they were is of ultimate necessity that we hang onto them, keep them close to us and hug them tightly for easy forgiveness. If it ever comes out that “the worst” actually went down. It’s only from that population where the deepest regret and guilt will be suffered.

Next, regarding the celebs and phony bologna news hawkers who kept on sounding serious and blinking those heavily mascaraed eye holes, it will be best to just brush them out of the mind, period. They are the backbone to a Media that is just as much their master as any of the little folks they hold themselves above..and it gets more obvious each day just how intellectually depleted that most of them are.

Finally, THE central core players. The ones who know. And the ones who approved. The ones who will incite the greatest amount of rage and stare emotionlessly past the grieving faces of those who lost loved ones and suffered other indescribable losses. It is them whom need to receive your forgiveness the most.

Not forgiveness along the line of “they are God’s children” or “nothing gets solved by violence” snuggly stuff. Not at all.

I mean forgiveness as in not looking at them, being concerned of what will happen to them or needing answers from them.

For, if a thousand doctors were involved, with half of them unaware that such a horror was happening on our shores (let alone with them participating unknowingly), I guarantee you that a complete thousand, still, will be expressing their “shock”, their “sorrow” and somberly cooing regret on how they “wished they knew better”. Similar to how everyone is currently expressing wide and pie eyed shock over how the “street opiates” killing us off, can’t be told apart from the “real stuff”. Uh huh.

With hands patting their shocked chests and heads being shaken. With weeks and months of them announcing “committees” on this and urgent conferences on that. The guilty and snide, safely intermixed with the innocent and befuddled.

Seriously. After a few decades, one gets to know how her “family” reacts in chaotic times and a little something about human nature altogether. It is quite easy to anticipate or “predict” on even the most hypothetical of circumstances, if one’s mind is clear enough…and has that much time to waste.

Each decade the arrogant become more lax and confident in their immunity. So, they get lazier at the tucking in of the ripped panties that peek out from their trousers. Panties, which they otherwise would have tucked in good and tight, if “important” human beings were in the room.  

I figure that if we chose to surrender the strong urges for answers or “justice”..our lives will be much less annoyed by any theatrics to come and the potential packing in of salt (per pitiful and transparent lies) into the already gaping wounds which won’t heal for years.

IF the very worst did indeed go down and when we do finally come to an end point in this horror, every day and night will be filled with lives being put back together. There will be so much loving, grieving and rebuilding going on, it would be like an additional assault (secondary damages from nails after a pipe bomb style) to subject ourselves to dealing with them any more than is minimally necessary.

Forgiveness..not for the sake of warm and cuddly spiritual nonsense.

Forgiveness..for the sake of not needing to hear their voices or look at their faces anymore. Forgetting them and moving onward. There is no good to come from these individuals for the future, no more than we can rectify the losses for our ancestors, who suffered under the same forces, for the same reasons.

That’s what I meant.

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