Surely, There’s Gotta Be Someone, Somewhere.

Ya, I know I’m a born dummy.

Heck, I have to be, to have committed the unforgiveable crime of being born on Massa’s pristine planet. But my birth is the type of trash that cropped up during one of Massa’s own “jungle- fever-let’s-make-everyone-a-whore” love-ins of the late 60s. Not much I could have done about that.

Having gotten my early morning cup of snark out of the way, there is an issue that I realized should be addressed. It concerns one of many harassments dogging Americans about..everything. It was set up as a “law” via the U.N. You know, those who’ve been applying final usurpation touches to our country, without something as “dinky” as our Constitution getting in their way. I’m talking about this “blackface’ nonsense, the one which came packaged as some sort of “sensitivity” issue.

According to currently standing things, like this Adobestock photo not meaning anything to them..

 and this Culture Club video cruising on the waves unimpeded, also not meaning anything…

I’m going to go ahead and assume this blackface moment preserved on film, with Bette Davis as our afro-ed queen, won’t result in the typical faux indignancy or outraged talking heads debating if her stuff should go the way of our once beloved cartoons.

From Davis’ autobiography “This and That”

However, per the beatings we receive, the jobs we lose, the bullying and scoldings we receive from what we thought were our friends and neighbors would think that at least ONE lawyer, mayor, senator, representative, SOMEone who’s considered a real human being, would at least pull everyone in a huddle and cut the “mental defectives”(us) somewhat of a break and climb off of our collective asses, when the hypocrisy is clearly and regularly seen. With much more than just this one subject.

We’ve already lost our sex lives, our businesses, our loved ones, our minds and a whole bushel of other things besides. As I stated, I know I am the last creature who “deserves” anything more than the continued snarl of Massa’s disgust and muddy boot but ..come on now.

Not all of us are as far gone mentally as I’m certain we all will be, once all passive “immunizations” and whatever other “goodies” get flung our way and forced down our throats. In the meantime, because they are having too much of a giddy time torturing generations of us with the taunts, insults and disappearing human rights..this is going to go on for a couple more decades yet.

Surely, a couple of things can happen along the way to ease up a few of these shackles. Besides pulling and censoring items that have nothing to do with “danger to the welfare of the people”-which in itself is an obvious move that gets clocked each and every day.

I do hold a wish to see the UN take a couple steps back (if not vanish) because of the mandatory castration talk that’s being eagerly anticipated for all “sex offenders’-which will include our young boys, whose lives have already been destroyed unjustly due to this animalistic population program. THAT is something that needs to be eliminated “yesterday”, with far more urgency than any lousy “blackface” garbage.

Seeing how we’ve been betrayed en masse with everything centered around our mating and genders,..the heart breaks a bit more each day, but those “worthier than we” have deemed it to be a “necessity” come Hell or high waters. Be it inhumane, cruel and unusual and fing vile or not.

I still have children to raise and do my best to teach things to. In my home, by myself, as I get nuked slow-cooker style and they crisp up some clones in the back or whatever housewarming delights they indulge in before settling in completely and finally.

I may not be a human being and I may be useless as cardboard flippers to Massa on the whole, but I still don’t dig the idea of having to stumble around some obviously dumb hypocrisies and answering my children, in crazy question-answer sessions that could go down like

Child “I thought you said fruit was illegal, Mom”

Me “Uhh, huh.

Child “Then why in the world are they celebrating the annual Fruit Festival in the square?”

Me “ Uhh..Bubba Dubba…”

Child “And why did we watch the mayor chomping on a banana sundae on TV?”

Me “Uhh..Yubba Derr..”

Child “ They have a fruit orchard in the back of the capitol the size of two football fields, Mom.”

Which would be the point, I imagine, where my head might as well start flubbering and wheezing as it deflated like a giant water balloon…because not being able to answer those types of obnoxiously simple questions is the type of “stupid” which hasn’t even been invented yet.

I’m nowhere, none of us are, near that hard up in the head.

Even if we were, then at the very least..why even play at pretending we have any system of laws which we are “all” supposed to abide by, suffer by and get kicked in the teeth over?


They can at least direct us to the section in Black’s Law Dictionary, where open hypocrisies are defined as allowable, so we can at least find the words for the fumbling lies we have to tell our youngest.

Or, they can scheme up some space for us, to not get punished or not lose our lives when individuals shout back and refuse to abide with each official step and fetching overseer that may move in on us or tear us into pieces in public squares…for no good or visibly logical reasons but for kicks and torture.

Either way..there’s got to be something that someone, somewhere, can do. On at least one of these baseless hypocritical laws ruining lives. Heaven knows our society is now jam packed solid with them


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