To My Brown Daughter-NO More Privates on Parade. Please.

I’m not a do-gooder and I’m not a moralist finger wagger.

If you aren’t my daughter, then you are of the age.

I’m an old brown skinned woman who grew up on this wretched “disguised” plantation. So. Listen. Please.

1- If you haven’t heard yet, Massa’s got his teeth in this country (in high particular) and shaking his big bulky head in an all out ruin every last bit of American anything.

Shamefully, for the past ten years there’s been a focalized concentration on misleading us into believing we’re being “prioritized”…to the open discrimination of other citizens, on top of a severely increased fouling up of the young brown woman’s image across the board.

Regardless of what is actually going on with the majority of us, the entire media establishment is presenting otherwise. Which means our youngest are being misled into acting in certain ways. With the help of way too many celebrities, who should be beeping ashamed of themselves. But never mind that. We’re on to number 2.

2-The following 1984 song is a nasty song. It was a nasty assed song to me at 15 years old and, considering what we are finding out about media’s focus on us, it’s even nastier now.

In those days, as well as these, no one will find a major Massa label anywhere…that scored popular air play…where grunting, groaning or sexual noises are played from any other girls than from our own.

I beg your pardon if it proves to be overboard -I realize that today’s music is on the same level and I respect that you may have already been exposed to this material already.

Still, I’m giving warning to all and wish to be respectful in doing so.

(per population propaganda trivia, there’s even a little insulting “black speak” {verbal “blackface”} about discouraging breast-feeding-which, of course, can be covered by other potential meanings as well)

3-Now that we’ve got the fact that Massa’s daughter would never EVER be depicted in such a way…out of the way, I’m going to tell you something.

Having had been in the group home system at the time of that song’s release, I would say that the majority of our girls were influenced by many songs of that nature. There were plenty.

We were girls without families, some were addicts, some prostitutes and so on. I’m fairly sure if we had “proper” families, these sorts of media wouldn’t have made much of a dent in our styles. Unfortunately, if I were to ballpark it, a third ended up having multiple babies from men who used and left them. Another third involved those who went with the flow believing “letting it all hang out” was the only way to “succeed”. The other third? Well, I’ll just testify as a candidate and say that I spent three decades of being approached as and spoken to like some sort of “automatic hot pants”. It was (and still can be) one hell of an infuriating insult to have to “prove” yourself to and forced to demand respect from an entire society which Massa has vomited out the nastiest images of “our girls” upon.

4-That is the outline of your genitals that are being jiggled and hoisted up for an ocean of unknown faces to enjoy getting kicks from , from behind the screens.

No, they’re not all “fine” looking studs, and no, there is zero respect nor profit coming your way for choosing to present, jiggle and waggle your genitals for show like that. Not unless you’re a paid member of Massa’s loyal performers.

Sorry to be so crude. But it’s the truth. If it’s something you enjoy, well heck, you’re young and this is your life. BUT…there is no reason why peeks and gawks (and “uh huh”) should be gotten for free by Tom, Dick and “Oh dear lord”.
Especially when Massa has been and does refer to us as “cows” “monkeys” and anything but human.

Do you hear me?
I hope so, because these are very troubling times …and the times of painting us as animals and fools should be brought to a close.
From the time Massa lined up the entire street of Broadway with minstrel shows, in the 17-1800s, painting that ugly “funny” mockery of how we “looked” and how we “spoke” to catch hee haws and wads of cash, to this very day in the record and music video industry into everyone’s home (doing the same exact thing, with the perverted temerity to ban “blackface” in everything but their own productions)…it needs to stop.

(I had more in another post, but it “vanished”, so..point made regardless, as it should be.)

It needs to stop..for you, my Darling.

For the blessed day this disgusting population upset is finally brought or wound down to a close…when you can hold your head up and smile with dignity, knowing you gave them not a damned thing to shame you upon, use against you or help grind your self image into the lowest depths with.

I don’t know you, but I do surely love you. And I do surely know what I’m talking about, for it’s been five decades of ever increasing humiliation and the most twisted hypocrisy.

Give a thought or two, my beautiful young Lady.

Either way, take care.

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