Jive Talkin’ u.n. Style

It’s part of how they get away with the sh*t they get away with.

Talking over, under and around.

Using big words, repeating the same “bla blah” and rewording the same “rretch”.

Over and over and over..

Again. Over dozens of pages. Many times, hundreds. I threw together a video presenting an example, which you’ll find towards the bottom of the page. The “Bee-Gees” song “Jive Talking” is featured a few moments after opening.

It’s why our own politicians ended up standing in their shiny five and dime shoes, staring into their thousand-dollar reflections, with the nerve to admit that they didn’t have time to read the 400-page Slavery Healthcare packet they had the nerve to let loose on us in 2010..

 ( on Christmas Eve like the juveniles they truly are. With ALL diseases skyrocketing, throughout the following ten years. Along with the severe plummet of our average American IQ score-which…well, explains it all, doesn’t it?

It is recorded (90-100) as being so low that it was  a qualifying range for the discussing of mandatory sterilizations, decades beforehand. For population reduction-the only “problem” they’ve ever successfully worked on “for” us)

..when to protect us and keep our sovereign security and LAWS was THE only damned thing they were supposed to make sure of. Or so the slicksters lied to us about being obligated to do, over the span of decades.

Not to grin and get their hair right for the cameras.

Not to kiss the ring of all else but the human beings they swore oaths to serve.

By a “country” which does not exist except in the imaginations of those vain enough to think that they’ll “really be important” if they listen to Papa and keep on with this smug

Ho, ho, ho.. these little dribbles of people, what do they know about anything?

When I assure you…barely a single one can read any of the blustery fluster and give a thorough and concise breakdown to you or myself…as they should have. If not by their “Constitutional duty”, then out of simple human decency and respect.

THIS is the truth of what the “bla bla, ya ya” re: global villages and “special educational centers” is all about. Planned decades ago.

Some sour and rancid dreck…to rip children from their parents, so that they can (snicker pant, snicker snort) RULE THE WORLD, BABY! I’m sorry…CONTINUE to rule the world, with us being as uninvolved with our bodies, minds and one another as possible.

(If one wishes to lift the eyebrow over “conspiracy theories” and how easily they may be molded to fit any time frame…as this book was written in 1989 (published in 90), the facts still stand.

“Coincidences” of specific things to come, even written in the 1980s, which came to fruition 40 years later..do not exist like that. Especially when there wasn’t any explosion or publicly known and steep rise in “autistic children” requiring medications at the time of publication)

This small and recent sampling of bloated NIH-UN documentation was ONLY from Ireland, never mind the hundreds of other countries where this jive assed “program” exists in its varied forms.

 The entire document=


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