Alan Watts, Improving Yourself | Remastered

Make sure to listen to this one.

Because I would love to see the day when you declare how much of a success you are, without the assistance, influence and intimidation from another man.

And the whole world knows that it’s nothing but The Truth.

Where you have the respect and admiration of millions of people, without making a fool of yourself or hurting another human being’s feelings.

When people understand that a handshake holding a promise from you is more solid and trustworthy than any contract ever written, signed and witnessed.

When you perform the magic of getting things done and bringing beautiful things to your front door,

without using childish tricks and telling really, really, really…I mean LOUSY lies.

This man here (unofficially the man of my dreams, officially one of the most respected and brilliant philosophers on this side of the board) left us a treasure trove of things which I know will help save us.

This happens to be one of my favorites. It contains the confirmation of scientists having had eagerly discussed the engineering of us as human beings.

It’s an intriguing subject. One which I believe would get a resounding “duh” (or the less familiar “doi”) as an answer, from many folks of Today, if the question of

“Do you think they actually did that to us?” ever came up.

My favorite part, which I feel is the main part besides, is about the sensible logic in regarding your self as the only expert you need to consult or as the most reasonable and only authority of your own human life.

I won’t highlight the engineering reference. I would like to force you to stumble upon the gems littered along the way..if you don’t mind. Besides, I made a diary entry which featured just that part, isolated from the rest.

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