Just How Thick is My Tin Foil?


Have I committed myself, one hundred percent, to any single theory on what’s “going on with us”.


As well as certain arrangements can work, there are certain bits which don’t measure up very well at all.

Bits like the stories about important documents being left and found at office liquidation auctions, found on the bed of an overlooked Zerox machine or along that line.

A story that is, actually, a part of whatever I’ve chosen to concentrate on currently, but..

If I were in the habit of taking it all in, without further thought.. I’d have to believe that a dozen, or so, individuals-between the closing of the office and the auction (with measurements and photos being taken of the inventory) -didn’t sneak a little peek under all of the things that had lids to lift?

There isn’t a medicine cabinet on this Earth that doesn’t have the fingerprints of Mrs. Nosey Hose-a dinner guest or neighbor who was supposed to only use the bathroom facilities for other business.

Or….these papers just kind of floated over any and all possible detection pitfalls during the days, weeks and months before auction time?

“Hey Joe, what’s that you found there?”

“Mweh, some crazy yipper yap about how we’re gonna be made into slaves after our country is taken over. They wrote about needing to hide their intentions to wage war against us . You know, the “Bubbleburg” group, “Boodleburgs”, something like that.”

“Hmph, so whaddya know? Well, you better put that back where you found it. You know Hank, man. He’d crap a pair of conjoined hedgehogs if he knew we were snoopin’ around.”

“Ya, I know”

And…so..back it goes, under the lid, or…?

(“it”=the most well read and ignored declaration of threat against a country of people, with each and every detail pinpoint painted to such accuracy that Nostradamus would have been left awestruck. Yet, we also have stories of second grade students being stopped dead in their tracks, to be interrogated by Secret Service agents for what their watercolors may have suggested in their meaning..?… ) Uh..

Naw. I don’t swallow it in whole. I take nibbles and do the whole snacking thing around a majority of my musings. But never wholly or solely.

That would be about as hair brained and irresponsible of an practice as it would be in forcing hundreds of millions of people into living their lives as asexuals or leaving billions of human beings with no choice but to pledge religious allegiance to a sect which promises to murder each one of them.

Or put simpler, dumb as Hell.

Especially when multiple avenues leave so little room for those pesky acts of desperation which result from having no other directions to go, but the failed one, when things go “Boy, oh boy” sideways.

A situation which I believe I can safely assume can apply to these days.


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