Taking Back Control of Sex Ed

I ran across an excellent bit of advice, concerning how to approach and what to present to young children about sex and love. The suggestion involved introducing the “Kama Sutra” as learning material for the younger (age appropriateness kept in mind) set.  The original “Kama Sutra Sacred Texts” which go into great detail including spirituality, union and much more than simply positions.

Most especially for these modern times, I agree wholeheartedly.

Kama Sutra Sacred Texts (hongfarm.com)

Because the sun will peek through the clouds again, one day.

The doors will be flung wide open and there’ll be a whole new generation

ready to continue the journey which none of us ever had the chance to take.

Not in earnest and never with our say.

Because one little guy and another little girl will grow into being a man and a woman.

How nice it’ll be when they meet one another, ready to scoop one another into

each other’s arms and make love with one another.

To plan a future together. To build their own private world together.

Like the divine human beings they’ve always been, but punished for and not allowed to be.

After the sun has set on a world where people who had no understanding of love

were allowed to tear it apart and turn sex into the sort of discomfort and nightmare it was never

meant to be.

By the sort of beings whose eyes clicked and whirred, from the sides to the edges.

And whose hearts only beat to the hollow clangs and commands of automaton efficiency.

Set into place to watch. Looking at humans and reporting on humans

as if they themselves were anything “but”.

On guard to detect the slightest hint of warmth. Watching.

Waiting. So that they may dutifully kill it. Without ever having known what it truly was.

Although their entire lives would and will be spent craving, wondering about

and mourning the loss of it.

Locked away on a hopelessly hidden level, to which only their masters

held and hold the keys.

Believing it to be coarse, when it was meant to wrap them in silken pleasures.

Believing it to be foul, when it was the most divine compromise between duty and delight

that our Creator ever imagined into place for us.

Believing it to be foolish, when they were forced into remaining young children

in all matters except for which they were meant-Duty and Death.

Because it should be nice to imagine your child growing into the type of lover

who turns the cheeks pink, or makes the heart beat faster, when he or she strides by.

Wanted. Needed. Appreciated and sought after.

Unlike the rest of us where derision,

confusion and laughter..dogged us to our last and lonely days. No.

Yes, wouldn’t it be best?

As they look out across the multitude,

to know that they will no longer be expected to share one another’s bodies

in weary grunts and with the reoccurring sameness

of the desperate homeless who may compete for or fall asleep

while waiting in line for whatever worn and mismatched pairs of shoes remain?

Though they may start out born in captivity, seduced by their captors and forced to squeeze by on the most narrow of and only roads left open to them..

There is not a reason in this world to continue allowing matters of sex and the heart

to remain in the hands of those who despise and dismiss both.

 Because the sun will peek through the clouds again, one day.

The doors will be flung wide open and there our children will be, fully and beautifully grown.

Adults to continue a journey which none of us ever had the chance to take.

With a richer variety of languages for their souls to communicate to one another with

 in the love they make.

The following are a few examples (excerpts from literature from the late 60’s and a more recent sexuality report) of the mindsets which will forever onward be in charge of “human sexual laws” and unresponsive to our troubles. These realities are part of the best reason to be mindful of teaching our young that sex is more than the mechanical and soul-less “wasted activity” which those who hate everything about us have spent many decades infecting and convincing us it is.

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