Easter, According to You

No matter “who” or “what” they are now proud to “brag” about being..remember something.

It was always only you and your family, your friends and the coming together of your best intentions which made your Easters what they came to mean. Not them.

It was the respect that you were able to hold for the folks you dressed in your finest for.

It was the creativity you expressed, while molding magical and swell distractions for the littlest ones to enjoy…within the all too skimpy years of carefree childhood days.

It was your energy that was spent, standing for hours, next to the heat of the stove..all for the reward of seeing the looks of satisfaction on multiple faces the next day.

You may remember that. You should remember that.

That it’s been and always will be only You who ever expressed the best meanings out of even the darkest of days. Just like it’s always only going to be You with the good sense and maturity to bring a little joy into other people’s lives rather than sit there, scheming as to how drag an entire world of people into some dark and dank void of self pity and everlasting dissatisfaction.

You gave Easter her smile and You dressed her in the bright colors-so she could finally enjoy a few moments of peace and celebration. A beautiful respite away from the infantile tantrums of men who will forever be jealous of the gifts which You were born with..and will keep on punishing You for keeping them.

“He” was a good man. And may your focus be on the words he shared, not up on an altar where they dared to place him to serve as an example.

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