Another Department Perhaps?

While I sit here awaiting directions to a fictional department (per previous posting) and the eventual explosive “BOOM!” in the air outside of my home..

A new ray of hope blossomed forth from the raggedy innards of my little heart.

For.. if I can indeed be directed to any such departments which may help address a few concerns, then there may be another service which Massa can provide and point me in the proper directions to find.

A department which can help re-educate those of us who haven’t reached the necessary degrees of mental retardation that will be necessary within the upcoming decades of their “sensible and logical N.W.O.” rule.

It’s something I say because that is the only state of mind which will be able to overlook the daily and increasing hypocrisies coming out of our major corporations regarding steelfisted laws and rules they demand we obey..while they kick back, smiles aglowing and need not follow at all.

Like when we try picking names for our fire ball characters and try to use the name “hot”.

But Massa’s overseers lay the ruler across our knuckles to remind us that we MIGHT be reminded of the nasty little “no-no”s of thinking in adult ways about sexual stuff. You know, that icky stuff which leads to the risk of us screwing more babies onto the land.

Yet, their “horny” toads (the legit name is “horned”, oh BTW) and term for a boy sexually masturbating (Spanks the Monkey) are left free to plop and hop across the game’s environment, any and every day of the week.

Characters, unlike us, who are immune from the humiliation of being reminded that they are not animals worthy of equal rule protections nor even worth enough to have the notion of sanity to exist within those “rules”.

If one can direct me to the place where they apparently need to help us learn to think in backwards directions and/or manage to erase all common-sense knowledge about what is “truth” and what is “poppycock” out of our tiny brains…heck, what a sweet little favor that would be, hm?

It’ll be a lifesaver and a half, considering that these hypocritical power pulls will keep in play, with every single corporation that exists. For the rest of our lives.

Because, even though the very best and brightest men now steer the ship for us billions of’s going to be a little difficult convincing those who still can think straight, of any reasons as to why they need to be listened to at all, with sweet and dull grins ghosting upon our dutiful and silent faces.

If there isn’t any such department, maybe one brilliant genius can suggest to the others that maybe they should wait a teensy while longer until all of us are thoroughly and properly (yet still workable at our jobs) braindead enough to not notice any of it.

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