Looking for Assistance Locating the S.D.T.A.- Snitch Dept. of Transgender Affairs

Err…I know it’s been a while and all, but isn’t there a Snitch department that handles taking care of eliminating the traces of disgusting and obvious mockeries of people in this joint?

I mean, I don’t clip clop down any important halls ‘n’ such, in shiny and expensive shoes and all…but you know, Massa and U.N. have been blinking the sincerest cow eyes over and mooing huge sympathies..

( as well as busting our chops, hounding us incessantly and changing laws which their hands shouldn’t be touching)

…regarding my transgendered children.

I thought it may be a little something they would be itching to take care of.

If they weren’t just scoring kicks off of showing how much of a crap they don’t care about any of it, anyway..of course.

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