Running Across a Creepily Unnecessary Announcement

It’s been a long time since I wasted time watching these sorts of unnecessary announcements.

It’s like watching a cast of dementia patients playacting..for empty audiences.

“We’re finishing running the bugging equipment wires throughout the prison before we put our slaves to work on the pipes and roads, to keep them busy, at the only jobs we left for them to work at on Massa’s place.”

Easy and quick that article could have been.

With no intelligence insulting hogwash about corps “getting stuck with the bill”, when they’ve probably cracked open the bubbly over finally arriving at this day…so soon after fixing everyone to their slave allowances.

A reminder.

In case one wishes to stop watching the news, to make the days go by smoother without unnecessary and additional stresses….because there isn’t a single “new” law which hasn’t been planned decades ahead of time. And because those who now hold power, hate the living bee-hoozits out of each of us.

It’s better to lay aside the old trust and concentrate on how to survive under their hostilities and mockeries. For it will continue , with the sort of increased and undisguised taunting that one should spare themselves from. And if those who betrayed us, in the high positions, aren’t able to protect us from the ongoing crimes and hardships..then it’s of utmost importance that we find as many ways to avoid even the looking at their faces, never mind allowing their ‘presence’ to muddy more waters.

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