Short and To The Point


photo by rocket clips



Because, between this 2008 backhand across the chops, from “Wall-E”..

and this snide CDC promise..that 80% of us will be morbidly obese in ten years.

(Not the Center For Disease Control that was set into place to prevent our country’s failing health, but the Center For Disease Control which now decides all of our laws and is not allowed to do anything about actual and visible diseases)

Since we’re at their mercy until they stop the hormones, radiation or whatever rude assault is causing our life threatening obesity...which should be around the Never of Ever.

It would be nice if we didn’t make it any worse in the matters we can control..which aren’t a lot.

Below=reminder that slipping us hormones was an actual and eagerly anticipated option by the 60s. source: “Population Bomb” 1969

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