Meeting In a Dream

art by Kevin Carden

Meeting In a Dream

I’m set to meet my Mama by the Jum Jum tree tonight.

Within our dreams

By crystal streams

when Day turns off the light.

With bright pink bark and yellow leaves

and flowers tickled blue.

I’ll meet my Mama, yes indeed, and maybe even you.

I’m gonna meet my sister in the same dream later on.

With such long hair

It reaches where

the frogs hide in the pond.

She’ll have it tied with ribbons

like a million or just two.

I’ll meet my sister, sure I will, and hopefully you too.

I’ll meet with Daddy also with my brother real close by.

While riding cats

And wearing hats

to laugh so hard we cry.

A dream so awesome in all ways

where years can pass in minutes,

A dream I’d love to meet them in




in it.

By Ramsy

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