Three Reasons to Read “We, The Corporations”

Three reasons for young students to read this book.

We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights by Adam Winkler, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

1- So we may finally know our true history and be released from the obligation of being made fools of by sentimentality and manufactured “patriotism”. And so that we’re not forever befuddled and made to look like blithering idiots “wondering why we’re being treated like dogs”-when it has always been that way.

2-Because men smarter than the rest of us have testified to the preferred status of corporations. As we continue being fed lies to about how “important” these “laws” are for our “better world”. Start at time marker 4:45 of “Requiem for the American Dream” if this does not play.


3- If corporations can be given the full Constitutional protections and superior rights as individual human beings…with  more proven rights in this life than an actual human being..then, they are also liable and susceptible to the same laws and punishments as well.

Or else how are we supposed to keep running around this wretched and ever living place with the rawest of nerves to call any part of this world “just”?

As they reap fortunes from the word “nigger” being taught to our sons to sing alongside filthy and demeaned expressions re: our sisters, where “female respect and empowerment” exist as a sick joke , yet we get hammered by laws and our lives destroyed for THINKING in the “wrong” ways.

As they have continued their perverted freedoms to exploit and score free kicks from young children’s bodies..

(as the following raggedy-assed and classic demonstrations of low class prove, well beyond any shadow of any doubt.).

(keeping in mind our modern hypocrisies, where the first half hour in the first episode of  “Euphoria”, if presented by a citizen..would have gotten him slammed head first onto a sex offenders list)

Where big budget Media freely and continually pimped the child’s sexuality and where lower budget disasters simply confessed the cravings of adult producers who “needed” to see children dressed as provocatively as possible.

..when we have actually allowed this world to start castrating male human beings for terms of “sexual offenses” which now include a pre-teen boy’s NATURAL sexual expressions mixed in with the horrors of rape.

ALL because a CDC and whatever else U.N. acronym “need” to fulfill their precious population reduction goals.

When they can pour lakes of gasoline on the precarious race relations fires being set , on the approval and blatant allowance of open discrimination against white males by openly exaggerating a priority position for blacks, when MOST of us as minorities find it completely REPUGNANT…and an extreme insult that these “masters” force an entire world to “know” about us.

Never mind ILLEGAL and against the Constitution which our leaders are wasting breath on by lying about still existing.

I find it statistically impossible to imagine that not at least ONE human being will be born with a beating humane heart and mature unquestionable and sane sensibilities, who will end up sitting at the tables of one of these rude and cruel “what ever shall we do with these filthy humans breeding”  meetings of theirs.

A sensible and logical human being who can have some say on whether this full-on charge into insanity of hypocrisies and mass extermination continues or not. Who understands that, even for a vast number of big businesses, this entire fiasco and long running horror spells out nothing but an end.

Which, if it is indeed a sly and grinning truth of our actual ends, means we should be allowed to live out the remainder of our miserable lives with their hands kept off of our and our children’s bodies and without their instigating, terrorizing and anxiety producing noises..

And if it turns out that this so-called worthy human being can not bring him or herself to break this centuries long habit of destroying everything we have, killing us, manipulating our very health and now, openly taunting, abusing yet continually letting the words of “working for peace” “working for justice” dare pass their lips, playing ugly games…when it is EVIDENT each day that they are not.

Then at the very least…surely..he or she can agree that the insults, the hypocrisies and illegal and rampant crimes are NOT necessary in a population that IS now already theirs as the welfare state they dreamed of and gave all of their energies towards to build.

Especially when we are forced to “worship” and “honor” those who hate every inch of our very guts, inside to out.

. The point has been made..there is no need for ongoing torture.

If not this day, then it has to be ONE day or another-that this needs to be addressed.

For we have nothing else.

We have no protections of any international courts anymore and we have no more government to represent us.

We will still have to tolerate being treated as animals, treated as children and made to suffer innumerable and continuing one sided rule and insults.

Made to live entire lifetimes continuing being punished, murdered and mocked for not having the “decency” to not simply lay there and be quiet about the whole thing.

If this day where we are to be treated like human beings at all exists in the far flung future..then the young need to start reading what they need to read Today.

For the section where they discussed “forcing us” was followed by a “remains to be seen”…which is in fact part of what we ARE seeing and suffering Today.

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