For Any Young Woman Today-Words From Katherine Hepburn Yesterday

It is smaller than a virus and it WILL destroy us.

Our “pride”.

If you are a young woman growing up in this country, you’re being fed and led on a perverted campaign re: a “fight for female empowerment”.

Something which is and was nothing but a nightmare strategy which has resulted in mass discrimination against our males, barbaric punishments/assaults against their sexuality and turning millions of young women into fearing the man and betraying the man.

Under a complete exaggeration and falsehood driven by only one thing-a population reduction program which needs to be stopped. If the blessed day ever comes where you may find females strong enough to stand behind our men and salvage our lives and this society.

I picked Katherine Hepburn’s interview from 1971 for four major reasons.

1-She was a born and bred Progressive, whose mother was a suffragette and was friends with Margaret Sanger and whose father was heavily involved in the upstart of the “social hygiene” programs. Both connections which are recognized today as having been extermination schemes aimed at the poor and specifically towards blacks and the disabled. If ever a child would mature into the type of adult in favor of population schemes to “correct societal ills”..Katherine would be one of the perfect examples.

2-Katherine was a celebrity lesbian, in the age when it was unthinkable to purposefully put the image of one’s lovemaking (by sharing one’s sexual orientation) in the mind’s eyes of countless strangers. As it was and still is the very last thing that is ANY one’s business..but your own.

However, she was still very much a strong woman, a Bryn Mawr graduate, a woman who lived as she pleased and would have had no reason to pussyfoot or play juvenile games in expressing any opinions.

3-Katherine was a “system” loyalist for the liberal cause. So much so that I’m tentative in trusting whether her surprise over the futility of the 70’s “women’s movement” was truly a surprise at all. Keeping an open mind, and regardless…she does voice surprise over why the movement was in force.

BECAUSE THE WORK WAS ALREADY DONE BY THE 70S. Which means that its steady and ongoing destructive march for 2021 is about as ridiculous as it ever could be.

Especially when UN documents from “women’s conferences” from before 1993 are no longer viable links for you to find..and chock full of their only concern ALWAYS centered around stopping our sexual activities.

Once again…the ONLY reason for the current abuses against our males and playing of all women (no matter how important they are convinced they want to seem) as complete fools.

The following 1967 trailer video is an old example of a film (starring Katherine) of when the UN and Media were first heavily pushing the “mixed coupling” notion under the deep cover of “combatting social intolerance”…when it was simply to break apart the lineages of established American family bloodlines of both black and white families.

When the same “problem” is being hounded and pounded upon today, by the UN and Media…as if we are too stupid to count that 54…..fifty-four…. years have passed since the release of this movie-which did indeed help open up mass tolerances in a big way.

(A movement which did indeed result in a massive increase of mixed-race babies , such as myself, who were born at that time of encouraged promiscuity, love-ins and heavy UN influences re: taking the act of sex to make it a “fun hobby” instead of for making babies and building families)

4- Even as loyal as she was for the, then newly borne “population control” talks (one year after “Population Bomb” was published and two years before the UN incorporated the program in America fully -including the “Earned Tax Credit”)..there is still a massive point that can be heard.

That the “mass feminization of males and masculinization of females”…was a problem, not an announced and desired “positive result” from any population program..

Insultingly, insanely and impossibly…those states of being were considered “problems” that the program (the upending of our society) was “supposed” to rectify. Thus, it resulted in the enthusiastic participation of “intellects” and similar minded human beings who apparently thought they were part of something good.

And for the love of everything, unfortunately, half a century later….where ”intellects” of Today have been further bamboozled into allowing this massive “program” to continue but under new straw men, layered on top of old dead horses that couldn’t be beaten anymore into death.

Even with this alleged “Me Too” movement where a whole slew of “harassers” (where the same and single type of men, who were marched out for us to ogle at in anger, fit the roles of “irresistible seducers” about as well as kangaroos fit into tiny handbags)…she had a confirmation of even that being a foolish rumor.

If it had ever been true, as most adults knew at the was mostly and certainly not tolerated as a “fact of life” by 1971.

A strong and “top five” tiered international movie icon,  as she was, would have known this better than anyone.

Note these important points. Remember these things.

Because our “pride” can NOT be worth the pains and slow tortured death of our nation. Not like this.

Not when young boys are being ruined-stopped under “sex offender” lists which are leading to accepted and legal castrations.

Not when our men are being beaten and humiliated into the dirt, with proud and arrogant women who are refusing to listen.

Not when domestic violence and sex crimes have increased under this horrific mask mandate and forced house arrest for all citizens (except for Theirs)..which is strictly to help ensure an additional obstacle to our biological mating triggers.

Not when a UN spokesperson actually guffawed at a UN conference, after announcing women’s equal pay will be only established in 2085.

 “Ha ha”, right? When we’re all dead, in other words.

Sorry..that video is no longer available to be found anymore. Of course.

If one wishes to consider the additional possibility of a mad society of “masters” who actually added forced hormones into our bodies…then most certainly, we also have the compounded horrors of diabetes, loss of libido, gender dysphoria, arthritis, obesity which can be alleviated and eliminated from our homes/lives….

Our “pride” surely can not be “worth” holding onto these awful lies…for another generation, continued onto yet another century and so forth. Risking not “only” a demise of our culture..but hundreds of millions of entire lifetimes (billions, if taken on the global scale, at the varying degrees of enforcement and preferential U.N. treatment of the peoples) lived in majority misery, unhappiness and disease; enslaved, dying and waiting to die.

Not when you, like my generation, will wake up one day and see that the women who led you in your “honorable campaigns” are seen to still have what the best of life had to offer and yours is crumbled into dust.

Just like the old crones of today, when they were young women in the 70s, pumping their fists and teaching us to call men “pigs!”, teaching us that “being alone” was what “strong women do!” , marching with megaphones and rallying for an E.R.A that never happened….

But each and every one of these women ended up with huge diamond wedding rocks on their own withered fingers years later..grinning and shrugging as if the “female movement” they sweet talked us into..never happened at all.

It IS all a ruse.

As a young woman, while they’re still wearing their “Sunday best” (albeit as raggedy and sloppy as they choose to wear it) to impress you, MUST address this and address it soon.

Even though gross inequality and women being “held down” was occurring (and still is) in lesser developed countries, it was an issue that in NO way represented, included and should NEVER have been applied to ANY independent and Western female citizen…who was the most fortunate and free woman that ever existed in this world. Especially in 1993..when this highly polished U.N. (in Cairo) verse was spent.

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