Just Ignore Them, Kiddo

You’re freer than you think, my child.

One of my favorite examples has to do with the players in Hollywood and the entire American Media system.

They obviously knew that the “joke on us” was about their performances being for population reduction and brainwashing purposes, not “for providing entertainment” purposes. For jokes and kicks too.

Even though they argued vehemently against the accusations, when our grand-parents and parents confronted them for what was obviously destructive and damaging.

(They were always being called out, trust me, they simply lied and kept doing as they wished anyway. Like today)

Each time a suicide scene, Satanic scene or teen sex scene popped up and the adults would demand answers and a stop to it all.

They would bat those weasel lashes and croon nonsense about “artistic expression” and always (ad nauseum) wrapped it around “America being the land of freedom” and all artists having the protected right to do as they wished.

You know, one of those rights and freedoms which they helped tear out of our hands; recently and casual-like over the last twenty years, with their 24/7 jive liberal horse shit.

The rights they now kick back and enjoy for themselves, as the hundreds of millions of us remain in their Daddy’s in-house prison camp. As we keep losing everything, get wiped out and get “gotten rid of”..as was the command to do to us from so long ago.

I think it’s safe to assume that it’s why so many of them have that nasty look of disdain riding on those faces when they look at us. Although it looks goofy as Hell when a few manage to stare straight into the cameras, to shoot us those stupid looks extra-crispy style. Like they’re pre-pubescent children, thinking that they can cast spells through the glass..even though they’re 50-70 years old.

Sticking out their tongues at us “low folk”, the “idiots” or whatever their child molesting, weasel eyed, aged and decrepit Daddy-masters told them about us ,since they were adolescent nobodies; destined to forget that they too were spawned as a “filthy animal” once upon a time. Unless, of course, they’re too juiced up, drugged up and insane to remember.

It explains a lot of other things too, that’s for sure.

(As we phase their importance out of our children’s lives and brush them off the table of our consciousness, like cold crumbs off of a dining room table.)

Why the ugliest and dullest looking ones often got put on those “top ten hottest” lists.

Why they got paid millions of dollars for walking around in hour long gigs, with buck-fifty talent and bus token looks.

Why they made big shows of adopting poor foreign babies, while completely ignoring children over here.

Why in the world we were watching obviously gay guys getting married to straight girls-when we were finding no problems, as gay or bi teens, holding our own same sex lovers’ hands in public..and wondering why they as international hot shots were still ashamed. It wasn’t time for the final act to start, that’s why.

All kinds of mysteries can be put to rest now. Even that ridiculous flip and flopping over the Roman Polanski mess that celebrities did-honoring, protecting and defending him despite the rape of a 13 year old girl decades previous…but then heaving him straight over the cliff when “MeToo” started coming down the pike. And here I was thinking that they were simply a mite schizoid in not knowing what actions to make in public, from one year to the next.

Ahh…well, now it all makes much more sense.

We don’t have to wonder anymore. Even if I don’t list the other curious things that went down, the stuff already mentioned all fall under one heading anyway.

Like every other horror and disease that America’s been forced to suffer.

In the name of and as a result from The Population Program with everyone (who could have and still do consider themselves living gods and witches) sticking to it…


We don’t have to pay attention to them anymore. That’s a swell thing. A beautiful opportunity.

They’re going to get paid all the money they want, whether our piddly allowances get chucked into the Box Office pocket change or not. They’re Massa’s “house servants”..they’re set for life.

All those smiles and public expressions of “concern” for one issue or another..was just to make us comfortable throwing our support behind whatever cause they pimped out or hooked for.

Five generations of trusting young kids fashioning their lives, their beliefs and whatever else ..on what was thrown into their lives in every corner and at every stop by these folk.

Children who grew into being parents. Adults who would not think twice about how this entire Hollywood crowd could be so childish, hateful and insane to go along with something so egregious as genocide and enslaving human beings…thus misleading their own children into their wretched “care”.

My goodness…what self control it MUST have taken, for most of them to keep straight faces while acting throughout all of those Holocaust films and verbalizing those “touching” lectures afterwards.

Those non-stop and ever running speeches about how folks should “remember” the plight of humans and those who systematically murdered them. Openly discriminated against them. Took everything away from them. As the majority citizenship either kept smiling or looking the other way.


All that jive spoken over and over again about the “red” side coming after the “true blue” side…conservatives verses liberals, communists verses capitalists, church verses state…

When they were tap dancing for Massa on both sides all along, to one tune.

Our deaths and destruction of everything within our lives.

How very proud they should be, hm?

Well, Honey..like I said…there’s no reason to pay attention to these “hot shots” anymore. Their job is done. Passing that baton, decade after decade, keeping up appearances, spinning those nifty lies..

Their legs have been spread, their grunts have been heard, they’ve shown us their charming vomit scenes and they don’t care if they’re seen without their masks anymore, anyway.

So. Enjoy the freedom, my child. They’ll be okay. They only consider their masters and themselves as the “real humans” on this planet anyway. They’ll keep making money, keep their warm relations, enjoy the blessing of nannies to raise their children for them.. bla bla.

You’ll be free to make your own films, finally, without being in the dark about hidden motives or wonder why your material was mangled if you do happen to “make it”.

You won’t get the amount of airplay or the financing that you may dream of, but at least you won’t waste the entirety of your youth chasing down dreams that they won’t let you have or tease you about getting, from within their monopoly control.

You’re free to grow in the directions you want, speak the way you want and not be subjected to fake fashion trends and being made a monkey by copying “stars” styles. They don’t dress like they’ll have you believe, anyway. All they’ve ever done is play dress-up and in costumes like children. If not already, you’ll be the adults who finally accomplish what they’ve wasted a long time pretending was “coming around”.

A huge portion of these “stars” would piss needles on fire, if their grown children were perpetually saturated with the “loser” conditioning that our children had to struggle through. The constant stuff that served as these performing traitors’ sweet bread and sweeter butter.

They shouldn’t warrant much more attention than an interesting and homeless bum on the corner, really.

For all the “good” they ended up doing, despite all that blustery non-stop lecturing many used to do.

You can create new art forms, genuinely and truly “break new fashions”..you have an entire world of possibilities open to you.

Since you now know which faces to avoid, if they ever slink up to you with offers “you can’t refuse”, if you want to avoid being a part of their malignancies.

Heck, even if you want to go down the darker or “malignant” paths, knowledge of who they are and truly about, should also work in your benefit-as far as saving or wasting precious times.

The point is this..

You can be the very first generation of pre-teens and adolescents who won’t need to stunt and poison your growth and development by the “fashions” and “trends” that Media pretends into existence, for the core sake of a pre-planned population program.

You can be the first generation to confront them, as they continue sweet talking today’s “child” as “tomorrow’s hope!”…and firmly tell them that you already saw what they did to the Millennials….the Gen Xers….the Boomers…those other long lost “children of a better tomorrow” ..that never ever came; your parents and grand-parents.

You can be the first generation to look them square in the eye and say that their games are no longer welcomed nor will be tolerated for much longer.

Without placing celebrities and Media matters above your own esteem/life, you will be confident enough to face them without fearing that you’re jeopardizing some phony “vision of the future”. Those “ideal” pictures that they prop up in front of you, to keep you quiet for a few years more.. until your teeth are also in full line with the tips of their shoes. (Sigh. With those damned smirks still affixed to the leather of their inconceivably aged faces).

It’ll be like the dropping of a largest and heaviest parasite from what can finally be the hide of a smoother skinned and healthier host.

Much Love, Mom

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