Dear W.H.O..or Whatever You Think You Are

I will start by introducing myself, in an attempt to air a few grievances which I’m not allowed to express that my Constitutional privileges have been revoked.

I’m one of those unwanted and unwashed mass babies which was born and in your custody (so to basically speak) within the first hour of my life.

An unwanted baby from that “brilliant” population control mandate which simultaneously increased mass ruination to the American family unit while pushing the notion of sex as being something like a hobby meant for “rocking free wheeling good times”..and not for the habit of making babies.

I was (am) a half-breed, mixed gender type and now so-called “autistic” discard from the pile of human refuse which you seem fond of producing. All in the name of “bettering the world”.

I’m a nothing. A cow. A rat. I’m anything but a human being. You and your crew have been kind enough to occasionally remind us of that fact. It took all that I had within my feeble carcass to totter on my hind legs, in order to reach high enough to drag a few words appropriate enough to put down today-per my own educational shortcomings. Of course.

But what I have to say needs saying.

You can’t keep doing this. These “studies”….these “reports”….

Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) (

Where you waste the time of the brilliant men (whom you’ve turned against me) and the talents of my child, (whom you also groomed to backhand all that I tried teaching him, about decency and respect, straight into the trash bin). Both whom you have “manufactured” to be your loyal servant ..without the “wasteful” distractions of family or other things getting in the way.

You’ve already “taken care” of my generation. One may even say you’re doing a bang up job with tearing America completely apart today..for the worthy cause of a “better world” reconstruct, I’m sure.

But these studies?

These hundreds of pages where you basically throw away decades of former studies and page after page, basically tell us that radiation is safe?

This entire Heck-kids-it’s-in-your-imagination-silly-wabbits-there’s-no-problem-with-a-little-extra-neon-sunshine-in-your-life” sort of deal?

It needs to stop.

Yes, I’m a nothing…if sarcasm is allowed to bitterly roost here for a minute..I would and do agree that my own life was one of the most shoddiest examples borne from out of your herd, actually. Birth to at least ten years ago..I’m lucky that I found the miracle of being loved at all. It was a tough stroke throughout the whole trip. “Thanks” to you.

But there will be generations of YOUR brightest and YOUR best (long gone from being raised by their natural mother’s arms, I’m sure) who will forever be questioning the things which will not match up.

Because the best and brightest’s dreams don’t simply stop at where you direct them.

They are smarter than any decade. It’s why you need them.

To continue these adjustments here…with a little wash in there…wait a few years…change it up again..will be much too insulting to your up and coming scientists and intellects. They will harbor dreams of actually improving things, curing sicknesses and doing good-without the flubbery of sentimental encouragements, don’t worry about that.

Yet, they will also be human beings with a recent memory of how it feels to trust and be trusted. They will have minds constrained, when most will be bursting to expand and affect.

You will be the only ones they will have to look “up” to. You’ve made sure of this by assuming sole control of every single institution, globally, so..One Mind.

And as is apparent with insertion of the capitalized “O” in this study, it is and will be only your Opinion that will matter.

As little as you care about us… should care about the “children” you end up bringing here.

Enough to stop additional and ongoing insanity, like an important study

on the “effects of radiation” spelling out “there are no effects”…or “there’s no evidence” or “all old studies are worthless and wrong”…

Never mind the wars you instigate amongst and between us. Never mind how all diseases are being allowed to eliminate us.

We’re animals. I got it.

I would think you’d find this a perfect opportunity to start fresh with the ones you will end up finally gracing the majority spaces with. For even if all of us have properly faded away, leaving you with what you desired…I don’t think you can imagine what the impact may be on those who discover the triuths of what happened in these passed few centuries-what happened to man, different countries, all of it.

When your prized “well behaving” children run into the brick wall of how there wasn’t anything “humane” nor “sensible” or done with humankind’s permission…at all, anywhere.

Though you may claim that an older generation of mankind was too violent and “ratlike” to exist will take nothing but an instance for them to study any section of Media to understand the instigators and continual triggers being set.

That’s only one area.

These studies? They should be easy enough to start with-if you take a moment to maybe, kinda, sorta reconsider that the way things are headed right now..maybe, kinda, sorta might not be the best way.

Yes, I can see it has an “Eu” address. But we’re not playing Dingbat Daisy today or any other day by pretending this doesn’t apply to each and every corner of the international academic-social-scientific health related regions.

At very, albeit meaningless, least..I can now rest assured as to why my radiation symptoms have been ignored (the same ones that were present all throughout my dog’s death)..or anyone else who is forced to simply suffer and sit , like good boys and girls. Now..I can rest KNOWING nothing will be done, without wasting time trying to save my own life..or the rest of my family’s.

A few pages from the 288 page document (in case the link vanishes).

The highlights aren’t pinpoint specific, there’s no need to be. Not when you can put on a blindfold, throw a dart and be relatively certain to hit the same message of radiation in any amount, for any human, formerly associated to any disease..was all only a bad dream.

Why yes, this DOES say it can be a matter of it being all in our head..the radiation symptoms. Nice one.

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