Anthony Hopkins and Alcohol Recovery

I, Ramsy, went through and carried out seventeen uninterrupted (except for two month long abstinence gigs) years of binge drinking. .

From age 17, when I emancipated myself (ran away) from State’s custody, until my mid 30’s.

Dozens of blackouts, countless individuals insulted, several public establishments where I’d been banned from and so much pain inflicted upon others, as well as myself, that it makes it a bit hard to swallow when I think back on the worst of times-which, just like the drinking itself, is a habit I keep away from engaging in.

One day, maybe, in a latter diary entry, I may open up a bit more freely about the whole deal. Because not all of it was a waste. Not all of it was a disaster. Drinking helped me develop skills and fashion certain twists to my personality which I would have never found on my own..considering the type of child I was born as and my individual youngest experiences. And yes, considering the type of society that has been forged and twisted into purposeful and malignant directions for us all.

I want to go further into it because I feel it’s an experience which young folks of (especially) today may benefit from. Maybe even a few peers of mine who may keep finding themselves in this revolving door nightmare. It’s a hopeless situation which has been made worse by the monopolistic infection of a   United Nations system which ranks (if we could only be brave enough to drop “the act”) in the lowest of percentages as far as “seeing to the health of our society and individual health”.

They have been allowed to usurp the laws and dictate “standards” in every corner of our social, medical, sexual, biological, educational, judicial, scientific and private spaces-the very worst crying shame an entire world of “modern” human beings could have and has ever shared.

However, tonight, or any day soon, won’t be that time where I indulge in any personal stories.

Tonight, I’ll share an A.A. commentary by Anthony Hopkins. It is perfect, to me, and says all that needs saying on many levels. May it find the ear of at least one of my beautiful siblings out there.

As for my status… I’m now in my 13-14th year of remaining sober.

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