A Maturation Miracle.. Maybe?

As another explosion rocked through the air, moments ago..

(Hey, if anyone could find out what those explosions are all about, whether they’re being popped off to dispense chemicals in the air or if it’s just good old generic terrorist nerve jangling..that’d be swell. You’re a peach for trying {wink})

Where was I? Oh, yes…

I was reminded of an intriguing question which I keep turning over in my imagination.

I had ideas of turning the musings on it into a poem, but I can’t quite piece it together like that yet.

I’ll present it as a general “out-there-into-the-nether” sort of ponder.

What would happen if all of a sudden…

We grew up.


Every baker, manager, nail tech, fisherman, teacher, house husband, cat burglar, stripper, doctor, spiritual leader..and onward. Everyone with a heartbeat and a head attached to their neck.

I mean a hard-core emergency style maturing. Something which could possibly not only lift us towards freedom (release from being owned by other human beings), but also possibly jettison us over the fence to land smack dab in the belly button of it?

If we came to sober grips and relinquished old crutches. Sincerely.

For small example, if we finally all threw our hands up and to say

OHKAY..then, you can marry that fourteen year old what-cha-ma-hoo..if she digs you, if her parents dig you (and hopefully after they checked to see that you were gainfully employed. You know, young folks can eat a lot.) It’s none of my business to tell you how to think or choose to live. Heaven knows there’s no cause for me to cast judgement against any one for any reasons. Especially when I know nothing about your personal experiences, the knowledge you’ve accumulated and how well you run your business or how well you treat others.”

In all relevant matters, with only relevant parties all agreed? And the rest of us willing to keep our mouths shut and cease forcing other human beings to “obey” our personal opinions?  If we looked at Today, yesterday, fifty years ago and hundreds of years..to truly reevaluate what in the world could inspire us to remain attached to the practice of allowing mere mortals, strangers even, to dictate the terms of where we place our own feet or what words come out of our own mouths

As far as I learned (“good” that it did), only childlike beings or children themselves would or should truly expect being told what to do, or vulnerable others who are susceptible to bullying and abuse because they are physically too small and/or unable to strategize as well as they should due to birth associated injuries.

All of us.

If we were to grow up and stop thinking that the stomping of our feet , all over people’s faces, because they don’t like looking at us or don’t agree with us, is anywhere NEAR what grown adults should be doing.

On every trivial matter and every single thing to do with OUR own lives..not yours…OURS..

By working our way to sensible solutions concerning all of the things that we squabble about. Laying down simplified definitions for “laws” that need to be observed but refusing to pretend that they are from imaginary entities or need to trespass over any portion of a human being’s private choices and personally held morals.

Without 500 to 700 page laws which suck the meat off the bone of every human right we ever had.

Without basing the amount of respect shown to a human being on factors like how much their watch costs, how well groomed they are or what “important people” they happen to know..or lie about knowing.

Without condoning or encouraging rude “leaders” who openly insult citizens to catch audience approval and without teachers expressing disdain and laughter at a student who took that brave chance to ask his “stupid question” but got humiliated by someone who was supposed to express patience and got into the “collecting degrees” gig for more than just bragging rights and paycheck padding.

Without trudging through those “society erupting into anarchy” hypotheticals, like..

Whomever-“What if I witness Toby setting Dave’s barn on fire??”

Whomever Jr.- “Well, so? You can either help him put it out or just stand there and giggle, I guess.

 I mean, it’s really up to you isn’t it?

If you were the one who set it on fire in the first place, well, then I suppose you should fly offscreen really quick before he comes back home to blister your arsonist hump.

As far as I’m concerned, days of pretending that I care, when I couldn’t care less, are long behind me, so..I dunno. Do what you need to do”

Tons of things happen to tons of us each day, across the planet, that we don’t like, already.

No amount of gazing up at a ” king”, you feel “needs” to be there and wishing him into doing the right things or doing anything at all ..has ever stopped those things.

It also doesn’t mean that WE “need” someone punished for harm done to US. Never mind this jive ridiculousness of calling in another group of human beings..to take care of something you can do for yourself or didn’t want taken care of ..for yourself.

And it surely doesn’t mean that all of us need to whoop and holler every time a wrong has been done to us.

Many of us are existing without representation at this very moment..anyway.

Many of us are begging forgiveness for a wrong we did and truly wish to be forgiven by the one we hurt. And we’re probably going to get that forgiveness…that is, if peeping big eyes and bigger ears don’t muscle their way into our personal business to ruin whatever small comforts we can get. Again. Letting them tell us, as adults, what to think.

Amongst OUR crew..the grandchildren, great-grand-children of pioneers, slaves, prisoners, immigrants fleeing earlier ruined regions, con artists, builders and so on…those types of independent actions go down each and every minute. We have BEEN surviving and holding it together. We all carry bloodlines of those who had to endure much more hardships from an earlier version of Massa, throughout all of the major wars they were dragged through and sacrificed in.

We are not an entire world of cripples, malcontents and mental deficits. As W.H.O has defined-with every single emotion and action one can think of as being termed as a “disease” which they “need” to “fix” , which can be partially seen in this 2017 ‘report

Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 354 diseases and injuries for 195 countries and territories, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 – The Lancet

Thirty years after they reported that we were in the BEST of health in another one of their famous wordy stacks of “ya-ya” about our health from 1998.

Same caretakers.

The only one we’ve ever had.

Where nothing was fixed. Just dragged to crawlspace levels.

All of these intrusions, like wedging of themselves into our bank accounts to swat our hands away from “gambling” habits we choose to develop on our own, enjoy on our own or damned well go bankrupt over on our own..?

This telling all of us that we’re now all “mental defectives”..in a field that started with one of their “demi-god” mentors declaring that all sons wanted to screw their moms..? With us ending up convinced that human beings who hate mankind and forever complaining about “filthy, wasteful habits” were better suited to lead our lives for us and enforce the endless guidelines on “how to treat people with respect”?

No, we’re better than that. All it takes is a little faith in ourselves. That’s all.

There has to be a stabilization point, somewhere along the lines of our confidence, where we have to know (or bound to remember) that we are not “destined” to be worse than what they’ve already shown us from their own histories and behaviors. Forcing human beings, kidnapping them, beating them, pushing them around, poisoning, experimenting, lying to and laughing at them. While collecting handsome profits in exchange for…nothing we need nor want.

I don’t know when it could happen or where it may start. I just hope I’m not too old and withered to hold my head up to see the beauty of it starting..if I’m allowed to see it at all.

It’s been a very long time. We’ve been blessed by sharing long and hard enough roads together. We’ve told and retold our ancestors’ stories, but it’s only been with their “permission”. We know each other, we’ve fought one another and we’ve loved each other.

We’ve earned the right to consider ourselves as a family, that is worth protecting and shown basic respect, if only respected at the barest of minimums -enough to set us free and leave us alone without exercising their “divine rights” to harm us on whims and wills.

If we seem as if we’ve been unable to get along throughout this entire ordeal of unbroken serfdom, then it’s from being kept in an eternal “damned if you do and the same if you don’t” state of affairs.

One which fluctuates, not by need for improvements that actually materialize, but through the annoyance and frustration they hold onto, over a “herd of animals” daring to try all they can to live in peace and save something for themselves. Yet, we still are not listless enough, obedient enough, unattached enough from one another to satisfy their desires.

But now even those things (companionship, ability to empathize, protect or understand one another) are being taken away.

The “commandments”? They were common sense rules. For better handling, maximum pleasure and unlimited creative performance. Like an owner’s manual filled with simple warnings and tips for your individual machine. They didn’t drift in through a window to magically float and land on the upturned palms of the “luckiest men on Earth”-those who “happened” to be cool with the author of the manual. I’m sorry, the creator of the machine itself.

We were meant to make use of and maintain our own bodies with the understanding that our Creator was accessible from within each of us, not through other mortal men. Just as the man ,who the world has been taught to know as “Jesus”, tried demonstrating to us. And for which he was cruelly punished and mocked for. As countless men and women have tried and done on every continent.

From matriarchal tribes to populations who lived in peace for thousands of years with their neighboring countries..until Massa came knocking down each and every door to repeat the same story of intimidation, lying, raping and unspeakable other things. To strip each land of native languages, change their dress, ethnically “cleanse” and erect monuments to themselves. While teaching each young generation to worship the memories of those who massacred their ancestors as “their heroes”. Singing songs of soft spoken “peace”, while threatening us with swords to our throats or the throats of our families, if we didn’t “willingly come along peacefully”.

Families, which were and always have been the ONLY true treasures that we as “poor people” have ever had. Families, which we now are commanded and coerced into foregoing altogether. If not already conditioned to hate and be repulsed by the notion of them, from the start. So that Massa may sleep better knowing his own “treasures” are safe and guaranteed to multiply by the “blessings’ of us having more time on our hands and the entirety of our lives to dedicate only to Him.

Yes, business futures already depend on wheels long set in motion. There’s nothing that can be done about that. They’re smart, they can figure it out. The right way. If they want to.

Yes, every single ding dang institution is locked into various agreements and depend on certain foundation spikes to remain. And, unfortunately, a few myths.

But these additional heartbreaks? Games? Taunting? The escalations..and head butting?

Special interest party members signing laws and doling out punishments onto other human beings..though their own forebears suffered the exact same abuses. YOUNG BOYS LIVES RUINED BEFORE THEY HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT LOVE COULD ACTUALLY BE ABOUT.


US TORN APART, BY THEIR “LAWS” “PROTECTING US” FROM OUR MENS’ ALLEGED ABUSES, AGGRESSION AND SUFFOCATION OF OUR RIGHTS….only so that they, as “masters” may be the only men whom we serve and who are allowed to be as abusive, aggressive against us and suffocate any and all rights of ours as women, humans..as they please?

It’s complete and utter nonsense. And we KNOW this.

The repair, healing or even (unfortunately) “business-as-is” could take generations more. I just don’t think we as a world would mind so very much if we weren’t hurting and being made fools of on the continual basis as we are…in very unnecessary ways.

There’s no need for the fear or the games.

When, if they were to declare…

Hey, you know what? You suck for living on MY planet, you’re a pig for breathing MY air and we’re gonna bomb all of you to Kingdom Come on 12:34 on 5/67/89!!”

..could suffice quite well, I am sure.

At least we could have the have the privilege of replying..

Do you promise?? I mean TRULY? Because I have had it up to HERE with that beep of yours for so long. I’m not exactly popping out balloon hearts , looking over at your bitter chug-a-mug any longer than I NEED TO BEEPING NEITHER…!

Or, you know..something along those lines.

You know how those “loving” long-term marriage squabbles can get.

Tied to one another for a dreadfully long time, but knowing deep down inside, one won’t be able to truly make it without the other…maybe.

It seems a crying shame to let it slip in the ways that it’s going. That’s all.

If a more serious consideration given to us developing a sort of urgent and accelerated maturity angle (unconditional forgiveness, all parties finally face-to-face, deflating egos, etc.) could actually help provide the most needed “Reset” operation in history..it would seem an even bigger shame to not try.

In my imagination, our deciding to embrace maturity to that degree,(difficult as I realistically imagine it could be)…brings to mind the image of a tearful and ecstatic child, racing back into the safe arms of his or her true mother. A miracle reunion, after being held prisoner, beaten and demeaned by cruel kidnappers who snatched the child so long ago that they could successfully lie about being the child’s true parents.

I dunno, it’s just a thought, as I said.

Writing helps calms the nerves after experiencing one of those explosions. Trapped in a war which no one is allowed to defend against. Or even allowed to discuss, without fear of threats and pranks.

Hey, I thank you very much for taking  the time to read this. And bless you for your patience with the length and errors.

Take care.

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