I wonder What You See in Those Words

I’m going to ask a question. Over what these following two statements look like to you. I’ll offer up my own comment, but I’ll save it for later.

For now, I wonder if you consider these words to mean anything in particular. To you or in general.

With them both having been published at the book-end positions of the Population Program’s implementation, (One from ’69 the other from ’76) I wonder if you think these words have something to do with you or your generation. The stuff about getting the numbers of young people down and eliminating as many as possible.

section 5
noteworthy=second paragraph

If you’re a Gen X-er, yes, it’s you, us, they were talking about.

It was a shared idea and urgent desire that was broadcast to and presented to the finest academic and scientific minds that there were.

And it was (amongst all of the other human population changing ideas like our gender swaps) received with much enthusiasm and to the sturdiest knits of the most prominent brows, I’m certain.

Everything was implemented, so I doubt that this “jihad” against those of us born in the mid to latter 60s was shuffled out of their superior deck.

I wonder…

Does it look like something that would explain a lot of things? Do you think that the freedom they expressed in slaughtering us onscreen and sexing us up in the media, in the 80’s, could have been a result of them knowing that they were dealing with a generation “that didn’t count anyway”.

Would it make better sense knowing that this command could very well be the reason why we saw so many countries suffer through genocides without intervention from the UN..or anyone, really? A whole lot of young human beings were erased in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur and many more over the short while of ten years or so.

Do you think you could be looking at the best evidence that everyone but us understood that the “big joke” was going to involve manufacturing “dreams” about the future, or what “life was supposed to be” for a bunch of beep beeps who weren’t going to make it anyway?

Maybe that’s why we were watching idiotic and overblown shows with ridiculous amounts of “super models” “rich and wealthy” and “sweet modern families”. Like hefty and empty cups of “tea” consumed at an equally imaginary tea party for a bunch of little fools who didn’t know better. However, in the meantime, a lot of fun and a lot of money had to be made either way, so why not, right?

I wonder if you think it looks like there’s a reason why they now speak to us and openly laugh at us like human shaped piles of dog shit whenever we demand answers about our rights being stomped on. Or how we’re dying and being killed. Why it seems as if no one, no matter how high the departments and high the positions and roles they play…aren’t acting in the right ways nor anywhere near the protections of our Constitution as should have been.

It all kind of makes better sense now, doesn’t it? When one imagines how much a united group of wealthy folks truly would not have to care..if they all agreed that our lives were worth nothing. If it was an agreed “secret” that the highest authority instructed them to carry out.

To me? Ahh..

I simply see it as a potential crying shame, that’s all.

If an up-and-coming generation of youth don’t put their foot down to stop what I consider the very worst and most massive example of generational child abuse in our collective histories.

If they can’t look back and recognize that the groups of leaders who are now yelling the loudest and being the cruelest towards millions of other human beings, are heavily comprised of the very Gen Xers whose “eliminations” were called for in the first place.

The ones who grew up being told horror stories of what was happening to other people. Although they learned about entire towns being slaughtered and their human rights taken away, as school students..yet grew up to accept and tolerate more abuses and a near total wiping away of their own country’s rights.

Even though they..with no discussed exceptions…were discussed as being no better than crumbs that needed wiping away, from an old sandwich-which happened to be in the way of their masters making another new sandwich. 

Folks who were played along for fools as one idiot talk show after another was thrown their way, for “advice” on their lives.

False experts, dirty religious leaders, soft spoken music moguls dumping out “gangsta” degradations on one end while the girls were eased into presenting themselves as sluts, at the encouragements of big grinning super model teeth on the other end. They even had the time to groom and prep a child molester into being the world’s favorite “role model” for children to look up to.

All of it was a joke..for a bunch of truly “Walking Dead”..as many artists and insiders probably giggled about. With (once again) a great number of them being Gen Xers themselves.

As they tore apart each and every decent teaching that could be taught to a nation’s children. As their laws became blatantly longer, with each one passed in the manner of a king handing down laws, instead of pretending that we had three “power check” houses and a president. Choosing instead to have some real fun and crack jokes along the way by putting on farcical “news” programs and holding idiot “debates”.

As our grown children struggle to even keep a job for more than a year, regardless of college monies wasted. As our daughters weep in hysteria and our sons become more intimidated.

After we watched all of China’s population suffer the most tremendous heartaches over the one child law-also courtesy of the Lords and Ladies of the Population Program.

And as we watched smug faced celebrities come home toting their adopted human baby tokens. To show “Papa” what good kiddies they were for doing the “right thing” of adopting poor foreign women’s babies. Per their Population Program obligations-to help show the human herd that raising children of (and having sex with) whomever was around..without silly exclusive “family” connections, was the way good plantations are run more efficiently.


It would be a crying shame if they accepted their own fates in continuing this horrible mess.

If they continued to seek favor and hold secrets for and from Massa, as we were groomed to do..although we were abused and taken for granted in such public and gratuitous ways. For there should be no reason why they should think they will fare any better.

If they insist on ignoring that an actual command to eliminate us as human beings had been spoken and had been agreed upon by hundreds of “authorities”  ..while still enlisting the help, the genius, the time and devotions of the very human beings they knew that no one gave two damns about.

It would be a crying shame if they assisted in the suicide of their own futures in such ways.

Like we did.

Like our parents did.

Like their parents did.

Like every generation has, since the doors opened just wide enough for the old Massa to slither his way back in.

Especially since every step of my generation’s journey, into this grand void of nothingness and treachery, was recorded and is available to study from every angle…which means that it would be impossible to miss.

Unless…they’re still allowed to erase stories as large as ours from the books; where an entire world nodded its head to agree with stopping the human being from being born

and sweet talked into working towards stopping it…forever.

A crying shame..that’s ALL  it looks like to me-at what was allowed to happen and if it is allowed to continue.

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