Our Story in Three Documentaries and Two Articles

These are all stories of how we’ve been exploited.

As “certain types’ and susceptible to “unseen” forces.

Including the stories of two extraordinary men (Galileo and Tesla) who died humiliated, used and tossed aside.

May we take heart in what their stories have to tell us.

May we one day heal completely from the devastatingly long traditions of these “unseen” forces’ abuses of us, which have taken on gruesome and foolish twists in the last twenty years.

May we finally celebrate our freedom in not too long of a period upcoming.

After we have broken free from this tragic and overbearing “marriage”.

After they made their fortunes off of the talents we provided and used us to pervert our homes and minds into prisons..where they fully intended (and have practiced centuries doing) to leave us with a “little” more of nothing each generation..until we had nothing left at all for ourselves.  Not even each other.

When we finally reclaim the courage to keep what was ours in the first place, and finally acknowledge that they’d have accomplished nothing all along (except dig into those deep pockets and lie shamelessly)..without us.

Because they’ve always BEEN nothing without Us.

Genius On Hold

Bette Paige Reveals all

Three Identical Strangers




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