Another Male Abused

Another human being male was punished for simply stating what a traditional male is.

I couldn’t do it. Not at all.

I would end up in one hell of a mess if I had to argue with anyone over this bogus “female/male” rights travesty.

To me, anyone who would argue against centuries of highly reputed scientific and academic authorities, ignore the human rights choices of human individuals and continue slashing the throats of online citizens per the CDC government’s commands by continuing to censor thoughts and speech under the highly visible and permanently recorded actions of discriminatory hypocrisy..

Is unstable.

I truly think the conversation would spin out of control, somewhere along the line of….

“BLAAAAAARRRGGHHHH……!!!!!!-(Whomever picked this stupid fight with me))

You say anything about how men are supposed to be strong and traditional males, I’m gonna smack you in the mouth and ruin you for being a bigoted pig against women!!!!!!!!!!!-

Uh..but I AM a woman.”-(Me, responding reluctantly)

“What???? You are a god damned liar!!!! And even if you are, you’re the wrong type of woman!!!”

But I want my man back..I want my sons to be successful, happy and…

“You bitch!!!!!!”

I want him to be strong because I need him to protect me from nutjobs who are stronger than me in the world. Nutjobs who look like you and kinda sound like you too.””

“You should do that on your own!!!!! Don’t you see how strong we are on the movies and the Powder Puff Girls???? Are you stupid or what?????”

But I want him to be strong in other things too. I miss his touch, his….”

“YUCK!!!!!! SEX IS YUCKYYYYYY!! You’re supposed to be gay! You’re supposed to roll your god damned puppy in a stroller and be married to another girl!!”

But I don’t want another female, I get disappointed with a soft touch and …

“DIE!!!!! YOU DIE for saying that!!!!! BIGOT!!!!!!!!”

I want to bear his children…

WTF didn’t you understand about the puppies girl???!!!!! THOSE need to be your children!!!!!

BLAAAAARRRRGGHHHH!!!! (snort) (retch) (growl).


Like arguing with a Tasmanian devil on LSD, man.

They would have a heart attack and a half if anyone got away with banning a gay woman for simply stating what gay women preferred or needed in this world. If her speech was cut and slashed based PURELY on her expression for a preference or her gender. The Constitution would be brought up so many damned times that one would be confused into thinking that it actually still existed.

Even though we all hung together in the decades previously, to stand up to all discrimination, when the gay rights were being won all over the world. Or so I was led to believe that “we” did.

That person would have to be critically mentally disabled or part of the sniggling crew who know that this is purely and simply all part of our assault and still…part of the massive cover-up of our biology having been tampered with so, so dreadfully.

There’s no arguing, either way. With these spineless abusers and arrogant “yes-men”.

They’ve been given their orders and many of them are so filled to the brim with hate and childishness that they truly don’t care if the record of their hypocritical misbehavior gets recorded online for eternity or not.

There’s a reason why they all changed the “rules of arbitration” in every institution’s TOS.

Because they knew they were fixing to unleash the biggest wave of civil rights injustices in history. Against heterosexuals, men, boys, families, women who need them, women and children whose lives are living nightmares without them.

And needed to cover their tushies…so they could bobsled their ways down the front of our faces.

It’s why the masks are on our faces. For this dreadful and frankly, unbelievable UN chokehold grab to force our breeding to a full. Stop.

So. We know who is right. And they know who is wrong. That’s the best start we could have ever needed.

Other than speaking out for one another, supporting one another..there’s no way they are going to surrender a century’s worth of work in the movies, global laws changed, institutions set up, business plans, lives ruined, lives built around, personal and private reputations tied to the success of their precious “Population Program”..on and exhaustingly on.

We lost on that front. When our DNA and hormones were placed in their hands to play around with like silly putty, we lost.

With only that. For now.

A lousy topic which doesn’t even count, as far as I’m concerned, since all of that hideous nonsense started long before we were even conceived. It’s kind of hard to imagine what kind of “fight” an unconceived fetus could have launched or defended against.

Priorities need to lie in how we keep ourselves calm, making sure to cry it all out and teach one another the truths that will help build our population back away from their sicknesses and abuse.

WITHOUT trying to revert back to the same old system of “how things should be ”..because that’s how we ended up here throughout and after all of these generations.

WITHOUT trying old tools like “boycotts”. Where Mega Company X will just keep pumping in money to keep it all going anyway.

If a client base of ten million were to miraculously all fall out and vanish, there would simply be bots employed, writers introduced and if it cost two million dollars a minute to keep it all “running smoothly”, then so be it as Massa would more than likely have it.

Fighting by rules in a “game” where the top dogs observe no rules what-so-ever?

It’s like a filthy rich and bat wielding brat who insists that you come play on the playground..after he had Daddy rip out all of the swings, teeter-totter, merry-go-round, all toys…and left nothing but a carpet of ground up glass to play on. An ever living run of sour beep-beep, that’s what THAT is.

It may take “a few”, the up and coming generation of teens and young adults will get there, there’s no worries about that.

The ones who will put the older generations to shame…when they remind the world (and insist that the world remain reminded) that a human being is a human being due his and her basic respects..REGARDLESS of whatever parts of the body a wealthy group of perverts choose to ogle at, obsess over and lose their damned minds over , decade after decade after…well, you know.

NO matter what damages were allegedly done via chemicals, there’s no excuse in the world as to why we can’t educate ourselves into better understanding and choose to engage in what should be the highly tantalizing prospect of reinventing and evolving ourselves into amazing prototype citizens for a completely brand-new society.

We can start with the study of solid and superb visual essays like the following.

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