Lab Rat Rage

I may very well be an old woman or may I be long passed away by the time it happens, but it will eventually crumble and fall off into the passages of history…ONE DAY…as one of the very worst ongoing practices of criminal inhumanity and object of ridicule to true future intellects.

This dratted and damned “field of psychological studies” that has been allowed to turn and churn out excuse after excuse to sicken, destroy and force us to live our lives according to a small number of human beings. Too many of whom have openly announced their disdain of us and who hate the bejesus straight out of all of our “miserable” hides.

As each decade goes by, with them looking more ridiculous and even more snide…because not a single “benefit” has happened and ALL that is obviously happening is our becoming worse. And/or they’re all waiting for all of us to be dragged past the 90 IQ point so we no longer give them any grief (or able to wipe our own behinds) so that they may continue spinning in their own hamster wheels, in blessed and isolated peace to enjoy what they want to enjoy or until they “remake” humanity by cloning us; where the human beings will experience elevated social, sexual, mental and physical abuses by automaton workers who will be fifty times less caring than even these current folks strong-arming NATURALLY born people.

I’m not knocking this young man in the video.. His presentation is only a bit from a sliver of “human studies” that are leading to and resulting in our nightmares and enslavement abuses.

After the video..because I am worth nothing and don’t deserve to be listened to (despite the pain) to those who don’t give a damn…I will vent my feelings from the point of a lab rat who has had it up to “here”- to the ends of her quivering and twitching whiskers.

Once again, I watched a psychologist give a presentation on the “study of human beings”.

I’m sick to death of these studies. We’ve been at the mercy of the scope and the knife and the poisons of these “studiers” for ever.

And we are at our collective ends of being far worse than ever before.
Sick of it.

Because the truth is that these studies are being done on us by human beings as if they are qualified to cast their judgements on us and have the rights to pass laws, ruin our bodies and hurt us…at will.

And they have the bald nerve to continue to do these things and batter, badger and belittle when we try arguing with them to leave us alone.
They have had their eyes and hands on us all of this time…under this tired and old excuse to “see if we can make things better.”…as countless numbers of our lives have grown to nightmare proportions due solely to their damned intrusions.

They have the nerve to laugh at us as if we’re supposed to bow to them and be happy to see their stern and bespectacled faces staring in on our lives…while we are dying.

While our wishes are ignored. While our children are being taught to fight us in favor of their horrendous, incomplete theories and temporary studies. While our children are crippled and destroyed on permanent terms.

They talk about dissecting us to help “eradicate” troubles like racism..yet they dare present evidence based on hairline fraction percentages of entire populations…and base their decisions off of those findings.
When they all truth….and reality…leave us the hell alone.

There is not a single scientist nor professor nor “expert” I would voluntarily let anywhere near my life (although I have no choice as it is anyway), because I do not respect any of them nor believe any one of them to be more intelligent than me…as far as ANY part of Me and my life and decisions are concerned.
And why should I?
For what reasons?

You see, that is THE question of all times. One which NONE of them will ever answer, nor be able to justify.

They have ruined sections of my own life, and millions of others around this world ..

(indirectly, directly, with public harassments and per laws passed- with decades of “whoopsies” and shrugged shoulders galore. And not one single “cure” between them over 100 years)

per their masters from the W.H.O….with coldness and inhumane manners.

They speak of me and my children as if they know me enough to hold opinions of how smart I am and how stupid I am and what I’m “supposed to do”. Regardless of the million little experiences that I alone have undergone and despite the countless decisions I made along the way. As a grown adult woman.

I find it disgusting and a criminal outrage.

For they are robotic human beings, all taught by and paid by the most foul and most hate filled group of humans on this earth, as far as I have learned and experienced. Worse still, they are rude to us, keep putting us down as “animals” and have the temerity to continue shouting at us, scoff at us and keep going to do what they want with us…despite the outcries
and demands from those of us who can still think and do for ourselves and are struggling each day to remind SOMEONE that we have the rights to reject other human beings from intruding and coercing us.

BECAUSE THE LAWS STATE AS MUCH regarding the Joe Blows and Suzie Nobodies who commit the exact same intrusions in other matters.

Sick of it.

I would DARE any of them to stand in front of me and tell me a few things.

Like why on this earth I need to suffer the actions and unasked for opinions that come out of their mouths, directed towards me and meant to color other peoples opinion of me if I do not respect nor like them?

Who the hell do they think they are to think they have the right to insert themselves into my life to ruin, confuse and eradicate, coerce and change my life without my permissions?

And (they’d have to listen close now)..
How in the hell do they expect to take notes on anything…make judgements about anything…base long wind bagged studies on everything…or pose these somber faced “serious” questions about our aggressions, urges, mental anxieties and so much more…

Without coming completely honest and out in the open about this global catastrophe of the oceans of mercury that have been allowed to course through our brain and blood pathways……FOR DECADES. To change, destroy and apply scads of generational damage upon our loved ones..

ON TOP of our sexes having actually been changed and manipulated through hormones..

ON TOP of decades of dangerous pharmaceuticals doled out specifically re: “mental diseases” when those meds have brought reigns of terror, increased suicides, homicides and broken people..

ON TOP of it all being recorded as and implemented on the top of a population program that not a damned one of these whiz damned kids seem to care to address..

Riding side-car to old and ongoing threats to kill us through genocide and enslave us…with every single one of those associated threats on “raping our minds”, dumbing us down, ripping our families apart, destroying the mothers instinct to care for babies, masculinizing females and feminizing males…….
Having had ALL come true under the mind numbing tons of “study” already done?

When is that grand old day of confession going to happen….so they can stop pretending as if they’re doing “important work” to “better a society”?

Which they damned well know and understand has rained down god damned violence and sickness down upon severely, severely deteriorated lives……..
WITH THE promises of the THREATS of these “studies” to keep ongoing…without stopping.

How the hell do they manage to look out upon the ocean of students (who will merely turn out to never listen to us, never respect us and continue to steamroll us into unnatural states of being and miserable miserable and I MEAN
Miserable individual lives) and not burst into laughter because they’re getting paid basically to spit out stats, convince us that we are supposed to be happy living without families that we form by our own choices and look down their noses…

(their HUMAN noses, in case there’s any confusion as to the species they represent themselves as, to usurp authority and heap clinical criticisms against and over other human beings) verbally abuse us and scoff at us to “shut up” when we do not agree or simply sit there and gaze at them with our mouths agape and drool in awe with a slumped shoulder, third grade student willingness to accept this garbage?

More specifically…when are they going to admit that they are NO better than rapists forcing their ways into our bodies….robbers who steal our lives and opportunities…and perverted sadists who get kicks out of pretending they are Demi gods and/or superhuman princes who own us like property and dispose of us like paper dolls, at the whim of their laziness and stubbornness?

Now THAT….that series of questions is the only thing which NEEDS to be studied.

In my lab rat opinion.

Otherwise? This entire “field of psychology” is as worthless and long passed needing to be eradicated on the exact same level as old plantation minstrel shows.

Because not one of these high and mighty “superiors” can honestly say that it is more than a field of “science” that lets them enjoy lifetimes of back patting one another for each other’s astute learning prowess and making money for copping grandiose self esteems by looking down on billions of human beings .

Human beings with heartbeats and feelings and spirits whom they treat and regard no different than lab rats who have no feelings and more than likely will always be forced to stare into cold and spiritless eyes …of other human beings , which the majority of this world will end up hating just as much as rapists and burglars who break down our doors, to demand that we stroke their robotic  and vain egos for the rest of our lives. At the increased risk and longest practice of human experimentation we ever had the crap “luck” of being forced into enduring. Without a lousy “may we”, “do you mind if” or even a stinking and simple “we’ll stay on our side, respect your wishes and only come over if you ask us to.”

Or without the simple decency to stop the harassments and noises about “saving a planet” when it’s obvious that the planet’s most precious production of HUMAN BEINGS is being kicked off every available ledge that exists.

Or, as I said…being honest about that 500 pound gorilla which is obviously in the room tearing us all apart-the Population Program which started rolling decades BEFORE it was sold and implemented in the 60s, to the applause and throat clearing of egomaniac bobbleheads gathered at the UN.



Because, no matter how they slice it…it IS and always will be seen as


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