Don’t Let Me Catch You Without a Bra, Young Lady. Seriously.

I’m going to tell your daughter what I tell mine.

You deserve more than to be thought of as a tramp or some mattress toy.

You are worth being treated with respect and gentle adoration.

For this is how precious treasures are regarded.

You don’t need to run around “braless” as Massa is suggesting you do, in his ads and films of today.

As a matter of fact, don’t let me catch you anywhere around outside without a bra on.

Young Lady.

As much as you want to deny it, laugh at me for it or roll your eyes at me over it…

Massa still exists. Cruel as ever, if not more so.

Hidden even deeper behind many fake and unfortunate smiles.

And he’s standing at the window glaring out,  at you and over the rest of his “livestock”, with one hand on the whip that’s going to tear into your backs later and the other hand firmly jammed down the front of his britches.

Mind yourself.

Link to complete article is right below photo.

‘Jezebel’ is one of three common racial slurs against all Black women and girls – Baptist News Global

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