One Announcement, Another Definition

I caught wind of a recently broadcast article.

It was an announcement concerning a certain celebrity having a certain diagnosed condition.

At first, I pitched a mental hissy fit. I felt it was another example of Media’s occasional pot shots lobbed against our collective intelligence.

To me, it was like hearing an “Attention World: Oprah is Fat” sort of announcement. You know?


When I decided to throw on my Big Girl slippers and cop a more mature attitude towards the report, I ended up flying in from a different angle.

Maybe most people truly don’t know the general ASD symptoms lists. Just because I came into the world already outfitted, doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the population had as well. To me, I get the sense that these symptoms have been spun out and forced into our attentions ad nauseum over the passed decade. Thus, my assuming in that direction.

In my personal “cow-monkey-jellyfish” opinion, there are too many different cultures, regions and too many variables to fully define and respect each person’s individual ‘condition’.

However, it inspired me to try crafting a definition or two for my own children. I want to paint another picture for them to know, other than the type that’s being presented to (or jammed down the throat of) the world today.

It won’t take too long..if you’re interested in reading what I cobbled together.

My short definition of what someone with Asperger’s, or other ASD related condition, may “look like”=

Every invention that made us safer, healthier and happier..was dreamed of and created by a human being with Asperger’s or similar some such.

Every painting that ever inspired the world to say “Ooh” and every novel that inspired sophisticated readers to say “Ahh”…created by the same ‘type’.

Every elusive molecule and hard to locate planet..discovered by the same.

Every masterpiece written for song or stage, which ended up drenched with awards and applause from the majority section of any population..

Every impossible task accomplished, every long unanswered riddle solved and every mountain scaled..

Whenever a faster way or a longer lasting charge was desperately needed..

From behind all of the productions that allowed our very souls to fly, or get pretty close to it..

There will be no other “type” of man found..because no other “type” of man ever could nor can accomplish these sorts of things.

From Brunelleschi to Galileo, from Lincoln to Tesla, from Miller to Kubrick, Jung, Einstein, Disney..according to various documentation, journals, contemporary testimonies and other resources available for study

To my sons, if I were at the mercy of limited space to describe the so-called ASD personality, it would simply be

“Every human being who was and is responsible for keeping this world spinning with the pleasure, improvements and damned near “magic’ which only they can provide. Period’

I need them to remember this. That’s all.

(Is this “ass-kissery”? You bet. As mentioned in a recent post , I still consider it the very least owed to Him, during these times of open abuses and shameless discriminations against Him.

Especially when his “type” has been criticized and hounded over the course of centuries , involving the same “symptoms” but under a different label; as in this 1853 clipping.

a wearisome habit of harassment which still continues to this very day, with increased insult thrown into nearly all corners of His life; more specifically, the roles which He should have been left alone to fulfill, in peace, without slanderous criticisms and jack-in-the-box back stabs.)

Children of a parent with ASD / Asperger’s Syndrome | Asperger Partner

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