The Real Trigger of the 1381 Peasant Uprising

It better explains the part of the peasant’s uprising which most of us have either forgotten or simply weren’t told about.

Several hundred years later, if some of our “best and brightest” bother to comment on the actuality of and results from this point of human history, the overall message comes down along the lines of how “out of hand” and how “unruly” we can be as human beings. In other words, one can be persuaded to “understand” or empathize about how “necessary” it’s been for those in power to keep us down at all costs necessary.

No one mentions the crimes which were allowed to be committed (aside from the overbearing tax injustices) like the sexual assaults against the females-which turned out to be the final and incendiary “last straws” which forced our ancestors into desperate and highly justified actions.  

It’s an early and violent example of the lack of boundaries which the power minority has always felt itself entitled to express. It’s a long-forgotten reminder of the Man which they have dedicated their lives and imaginations to degrade and eradicate.

And it’s a major reason why their wealth and our “best and brightest”’s energies have been shamefully spent on human beings devolving into being as unempathetic, unsane and unable to defend ourselves and/or others.. as we’ve ended up to this day.

So that we “ignorant beasts” no longer get in the “High Holy Masters” ways anymore-in case we get it into our foolish heads to fight against and protect ourselves from being finger raped again, murdered, humiliated, stolen from, crushed, hung, drowned, beaten, kidnapped or any other necessary actions these gods choose to exercise ..for the “good of mankind” and to “keep chaos from befalling society’, of course.

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