Latest Video Project

Is it just me, or do the trolls and their rosy nosed goblin pals seem to have a wee bit more “oogie” going on in their “boogie” these days?*

* A bit too much, some could say, but it doesn’t always need to be seen as a negative thing

Sometimes, it’s worth being admired-this hypothetical “oogie” abundance.

From the artists who create the music, engineer the games and help produce too many smiles to count across this world, on a daily basis…that’s the type of “oogie” I’m talking about.

Regardless of their financiers or wardens, the ones who have blessed my life by giving me beautiful things to rest my eyes on..and in turn, helped keep me, and hundreds of billions more, happy, occupied and not-so-lonely.

Regardless of motives, regardless of any things at all..may these artists boogie onward for many generations to come and may their “oogie” be increased.

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